Here we are, another trailer for the 2nd part of this series.  The first thing I noticed is that the BBC is most likely going to go broke thanks to Doctor Who.  Seriously, this season’s special effects have far exceeded any other season, and now we have everything from pterodactyls (ok, probably taken from the Torchwood special effects files, but still), pyramids, and what appears to be different planets (which has yet to be properly explored in new who).  Effects aside, I’m hoping that Steven Moffat knows what he’s doing, because I don’t want to have these arcs going over into yet another season.  Sure, I actually do prefer his two seasons as lead writer to the RTD years, but he should go into something new for the next season.

Now that that’s out of the way, it actually does look like we’ll be getting a rather great 2nd half to an already great first half.  It may be the darker tone, but the Matt Smith years have been nothing short of amazing.  He really is the best of the new Doctors, and is very reminiscent of the Doctors of old.  The only thing I hope the second half does better is having less of Amy and Rory and more of the Doctor.  After all, they were next to useless in “The Doctor’s Wife,” which is a shame since it took away time that could have been spent with some more great dialogue between the Doctor and the TARDIS.

Do I think  Moffat can wrap up the season and the story arcs within six episodes?  Well yes, and if he doesn’t it will most likely leave a lot of fans to turn away from him and the show next season (especially the fans who aren’t true fans but watch it because they think it’s an ok show).  If all goes right then this should be the best season of Doctor Who since the reboot in 2005.  August 27, here I come, allons-y, I mean geronimo, wait no I don’t like that, oh well fezzes are cool, then again so are stetsons, and bow ties, would you like a jelly baby?  Whichever catch phrase is yours be sure to tune in August 27 for the return of series 6 in “Let’s Kill Hitler.”