So even though the metal scene is largely populated by various forms of hardcore bands there are still a good amount that aren’t.  That’s where South Jersey based band Shattered Sanctity comes into the picture.  They’re basically a mix of modern power metal with some classic thrash.  Despite going through a noticeable amount of lineup changes the band still maintains the same vision thanks to Mike Hunsicker, one of two founding members.  Granted, one of the better lineup changes resulted in the band realizing they’re better without keyboards and female vocals.

Over time, around four years, one of their biggest improvements has been their live performance.  Every song is spot on, just as you hear it on recordings.  Speaking of recordings, they just released an EP on their Facebook page, which can easily be found here.  The two newest songs, “The Tremendous Struggle” and “What Lies Within” really show how far the band has come since their other two songs on the EP.  This is to be expected, as most bands do mature musically throughout the years, but nonetheless it’s nice to see. 

Well OK, so what makes them different?  Truth be told, quite a bit in relation to the area they play in.  Upon listening to their songs it’s rather obvious that a good amount of time was put into writing them, especially being fortunate enough to hear the early versions of some of their songs and seeing how far they’ve come.  The guitars definitely take center stage for the majority of the time, and they do not disappoint.  Harmonies, solos, and other little neat stuff are in abundance.  All of them fit very well in the overall structure of the songs they’re in.  Really, in terms of structure there’s nothing much to not like, and it really comes down to personal preference of liking the genre.

Basically, I’d say give them a shot.  If it isn’t your genre then at the very least listen to “What Lies Within” since the chorus and overall structure is very accessible to those who don’t listen to power metal.  Let’s hear it for Shattered Sanctity, bringing power metal to South Jersey, and basically to the surrounding area (with a few exceptions).  Oh, they’re also searching for a bassist, so if you’re a bassist in the area they’ll most likely be interested.

If you’re interested in checking out their lyrics or would like to keep up to date then be sure to check out their Reverbnation page.