This week I found out, or rather was reminded of Abandon Our Own, a post-hardcore band from South Jersey.  Originally, the band was formed by the lineup that left last weeks band, Shattered Sanctity, but since then have seen some lineup changes themselves.  Their biggest addition has been lead singer, Eddie, who is able to contribute some nice screams to the band.  Though, it’s not all screaming, and that is where Jake, guitarist and singer comes in with some clean vocals to make the band more dynamic.  Thanks to Jake and his recording studio, the band has been able to get up some demos of their songs, which can be found on their Facebook page.

Now,  you may be thinking so mething along the lines of what are they offering that other bands aren’t?  I wouldn’t blame you for asking this, especially with the major rise of local bands of the same or similar genre.  However, this would be selling them short, especially when seeing them live.  Now, they’ve only played one show so far with their new lineup, buthave already set up some upcoming dates for the following weeks.  Their lead singer really knows how to command an audience, which is a much needed attribute when trying to separate yourself from other bands at a show.  Luckily, the music is also able to back him up.  Their two newest songs, “She Didn’t Know She Had a Swing” and “Aruba” (have to love the out there hardcore song titles) are always sure to get the crowd going and have a nice edge to them.

Granted, they still have areas in which they need some work on.  One such area involves adding more technicality to their music (they tell me “Aruba” has it but I was standing on the rhythm guitar side and couldn’t hear it, so this may not be a problem area anymore).  I could go nitpick some stuff, but I feel that would be doing an injustice to a band that is relatively new, and coming from a more metal background it only makes sense that it will take some time before they are able to reach their full potential.  I for one am interested in seeing how the mature as a band, and have high hopes for them if they are able to reach the highest of their ability.

Oh, did I mention, they also cover Nelly’s “Just a Dream,” which is worth checking out, and look at there, two videos of their first performance with their current lineup.


“Just a Dream (Cover)”