** Spoiler Alert, don’t read if you haven’t

New coat, why the new coat?

already watched the episode **

Well Doctor Who is back for part 2 of series 6.  Exciting stuff this is.  Now I’m assuming most people that have been following the show since Moffat took over have seen this episode, so I won’t bore you with a long review.  Instead, let’s hit on what I found the most interesting (and you probably thought the same as well), shall we?

First, the one part that was sort of confusing.  It was never really explained how Amy and Rory made it to where they were in the beginning.  Why wasn’t River there with them?  At the end of the last episode she was supposed to get everyone back home and safe, but where did she go off to?  Honestly, this isn’t anything I’m worrying about since Moffat’s in charge, so it’ll most likely be explained at some point.  I’m assuming the same will go for his new coat, which if it wasn’t a Moffat story I’d just assume was something the Doctor picked up along his travels, but knowing Moffat there’s an actual reason behind all this.  Speaking of the Doctor, I would like an episode that has him as more of a focus, but for the sake of the story everything fit in this one and we had a lot of River, which is always nice.  Truth be told, there might be a few little things to add to this list, but after seeing the episode only once I mainly focused on all the good of the episode, which I’m thinking that’s because it was basically a really well done story to get viewers back into the swing of things.

OK, now that that’s out of the way it’s time to get on with the good and/or excellent parts of the episode.  River oh River, how much more amazing you get each time.  Seeing how she actually was raised to kill the Doctor and how she disguised herself to grow up with Amy and Rory was rather brilliant from a writing standpoint.  Needless to say, Alex Kingston was, as always at top notch performance, but seeing her have to play River differently was really entertaining and a true showing of her ability as an actress.  The same goes for all the actors/actresses, as all of them have really come into their roles.

Unlike the first half of the season, this episode brought some humor, but it never seemed forced.  The scene where the River was trying to shoot the Doctor was a subtle type of funny, as it showed how well the Doctor knew River and played at how they’d eventually turn out in later, or rather previous episodes (time lines, it gets complicated).  Really, there were so many quick, one liners that I’ll need to watch it again to remember them all, but it was funny when they kept making fun of Rory when they were kids and Amy thinking he was gay.  Still, there was a lot of seriousness going on.

Ah, nice to see the Doctor and the Ponds again

Just like the last episode (and really a lot of Moffat’s episodes) the last fifteen minutes were absolutely brilliantly written to convey exactly what each character was feeling.  River changing because of the Doctor and giving him her regenerations was a great way to show how she can no longer regenerate and how they will eventually become closer.  Plus, it leaves open the possibility for the Doctor to not have to worry about his twelfth and final regeneration coming up (then again, the Master’s always cheating death, so the Doctor probably can, if not the BBC will loose arguably their biggest show).  However, Moffat doesn’t try to overplay the emotional scenes like RTD used to (oh yes End of Time, I’m looking right at the last fifteen minutes of David Tennant crying for no reason), so it all felt natural.

Basically, this was a fantastic episode.  I ended up saying more than I wanted to, but there was just so much going on that it’s hard not to go on about it.  The problem now is that I’m so interested in River, the Silence, Madam Kovarian, and the Doctor’s new coat that watching a stand alone episode will do nothing but make me want more of the story arc episodes back.  This episode did everything I wanted it to, mainly not drag and give us more River.  Here’s to the rest of the season being as great as this episode, starting with next week with Night Terrors!

If there was anything I missed that you felt was important, please post it in the comments and I’ll definitely get back ASAP.