Did anyone else get the feeling that they were watching something straight out of a Silent Hill game while watching this weeks episode of Doctor Who?  Well I sure did, and that’s not really a bad thing, as it did it better than the actual Silent Hill movie.  That is, until you realize they’re in a dollhouse.  I was worried that a stand-alone would get annoying at this point in the season, and luckily this one didn’t disappoint as the pirate one did.

Coming off of a rather great episode the pace had to be kept up here, and right off the bat the atmosphere was sure to do this.  Really, it felt like this episode was more suited for part one of series 6, as it really was on the darker side of things.  Oh well, this didn’t come into the picture right away, and we were treated with a nice bit with the Doctor, Amy, and Rory going door to door looking for George, the frightened boy who really isn’t a boy, well OK he is, but he’s not human.  From there on the problem that has been haunting a lot of the season came back again.

The Doctor and the evil dolls

Rory and Amy really don’t do much in episodes that aren’t written by Moffat.  They were rather useless in “The Doctor’s Wife,” which meant taking time away from the Doctor and Idris.  I’m getting incredibly tired of the whole companions dieing thing, especially with Rory always being killed off to come back that episode, and at this point even the jokes about it are getting old.  Hopefully next season we’ll be able to start new without Amy and Rory and without this story arc that needs to end this season.  OK, now with that out of the way let’s go back to the good in this episode.

I was actually really into the story.  Sure, it sort of missed the emotional impact mark it tried to hit for, but that didn’t make it any less good.  Matt Smith put on another stunning performance of how he can seamlessly go from serious to quirky.  The bit with the elevator taking them to a different “world” was very much inspired by Silent Hill as said before, and this translated throughout the entire episode since event the Doctor became completely helpless at the end.   In a way, I was reminded of “The Lodger” since the Doctor knew there was something very powerful right in front of him, there was a focus on the Doctor’s dialogue to get him through most of the story, and a perception filter yet again.  Well OK, it does seem as if I didn’t like the episode but I actually did, it’s just that I don’t want to watch anything not related to the story arc, especially this far in the series.  I’ll be watching the episode again, and hopefully this time I’ll like the ending better, as it was rather rushed to fit into the last 10 minutes at the Doctor instantly knew what to do.  It was rather odd since he spent the whole episode figuring it out, took a little break while in the dollhouse, and instantly knew what to do, making it feel rushed.

Still, I’m going to give it a 7.5/10.  It was really engaging until the last quarter, where it became rather rushed.  The acting was solid, though Rory should take the cue from Amy and actually make a decision rather than always being nervous.  I know next week is mostly an Amy and Rory episode, but it’s back to the main arc and time streams out of sync, so I’m thinking it’ll get me back on track and will be sure to deliver.