Spoiler Alert!

So, last week I tried a spoiler free review, and that didn’t work out to well.  So here we are, let the spoilers run free (sorry River).  Honestly, I thought the episode was a bit of a letdown.  Not to say it was bad, but coming off of three good episodes and two really great ones it was nothing special.  It started off rather well, but the actual plot was weak.  Some ideas weren’t that bad, what with the hotel really being a prison (which still was kind of odd), the prison being in space and looking like Tron (well that was kind of neat being in space), a minotaur faith eater (really, did they have to make it a minotaur, it really would have been cooler if it were a person, like the antagonist at the end of Torchwood season 1), however, the characters were mainly well done.  Except the alien from a planet of people born to surrender, he was rather useless and actually rather annoying.  There seemed to be a forced attempt of making the episode tense, but it really fell short.

Even the Doctor was bored through this prison romp

Even the Doctor was bored through this prison romp

Showing the Doctor look into his room didn’t really do anything other than tell the audience to sit there and say “oh, I wonder what’s behind that door.”  Really, I couldn’t care less what’s in his room.  Though, Amy’s room yet again showcased Matt Smith’s acting, which just further goes to show how he truly is the best of the new Doctors.  I really can’t even remember the other character’s names, as they weren’t overly memorable.  There were some good moments here and there, but overall they did not do overly much.  I’m hoping a second watch will bring some light on these characters, but as of right now they were relatively flat, especially with Craig coming back next week.

The ending was a nice saving grace.  Rory has really become  a more likable character, especially since he’s become more realistic (even making fun of Amy at times, as real people do to each other).  Though, seeing the Doctor know the gravity of the situation and leaving Amy and Rory behind really set up for a dramatic ending to the season.  This also does some good in terms of story pacing.  After all, “The Doctor’s Wife” suffered from having too much Amy and Rory doing nothing and not enough Doctor and TARDIS interaction.  Surprisingly, this was solved in “The Girl Who Waited,” which clearly had a focus on the companions and the Doctor took a back seat.  I’m hoping we can get similar results next week.  Though, I’m rather tired of Cybermen, so I’m hoping they can make them more interesting than our multicolor Daleks.  Judging from the trailer, it seems like the Cybermere being given a darker approach, and if there’s one thing Moffat has proven on DW it’s that he can do the darker side rather well.  Here’s to hoping next week’s Closing Time will bring the show back on its excellent series 6 run.

As for this episode, I give it a 7 out of 10 (which may not seem that bad due to my score for “Night Terrors,” but after rewatching it I found the episode should be rated a bit higher than 7.5).