Spoilers, oh yes!

Well here we are again, another season and another finale.  Only this time it was the complete opposite of good.  Seriously, we’ve been waiting 2 seasons now and nothing has really been solved.  Sure, the Doctor isn’t dead, River is good, they get married, it’s all stuff we’ve pretty much expected to happen.  I’m assuming Madame Kovarian is just one of those characters Moffat wrote with the intention of never finishing her back story.  We still have no proper idea of who the Silence are, but now we don’t know much about the species or the religious following.  Really, making the question be “Doctor Who?” how unoriginal.  It doesn’t mean anything, especially to the Doctor who knows who he is and hides it from everyone else, so why would he have to ask?

Sadly, this picture is about as exciting as the episode gets

Yet again, Moffat thought it would be a cool idea to cram the interesting part of the episode into the last 3 minutes.  Come on, did they really have to spend so much time with Dorium’s head, which wasn’t even funny.  Somewhere along the line someone on the production team should have realized the episode clearly should have been two parts and they should have cut an episode such as the boring, drawn out “God Complex.”  The worst part is, Matt Smith continues to be great as the Doctor, it’s just the writing is really taking a turn for the worse.  I guess Moffat has written himself into a hole and has no way to climb back out.

These are harsh words, I know but coming from a lifelong Doctor Who fan I have never watched an episode in recent memory (classic and new who) that has literally gone nowhere.  I just can’t believe Moffat refuses to actually put an arc to rest, or at this point why not just admit he doesn’t know how to finish it and accept defeat?  Move on, start fresh with some new ideas.  It’s OK, I’d rather have that over yet another season of nothingness.  To think, series 5 had so much promise for the future of the show, and now we’re left with this.  I’m not going to go into the acting, as it’s already been established the cast has each role down pretty great.

I know there are a lot of people who left the show this year due to a lack of resolution, and I can honestly see even more people leaving after this.  Heck, I’m a diehard fan and I’m tempted to leave until Moffat is fired (mark my words, he’ll get fired before he can resign as head writer).  It’s a shame really, I quite liked the darker tone and the arcs, but seeing as none of them will be resolved I really couldn’t care less about them.  I will leave you now with a list of arcs that I believe we still have left unsolved:

  • Why do the Silence want the Doctor dead?
  • Will we ever see the “religious order” that is the Silence?
  • Who is Madame Kovarian, surely she has to be more important than getting what couldn’t be more than a total of 20 minutes of screen time, right?
  • What is the question the Doctor will ask (I refuse to think it’s as lame as “Doctor Who?”)
  • How did the Doctor originally get out of the Pandorica?
  • Not exactly an arc, but where in the ‘verse (look at that, Firefly reference) was the Doctor when he came upon the Dalek that was so conveniently placed under some rubble?
  • Why did they blow up the TARDIS, whoever they are, and why then?
  • How do the timelines of River and the Doctor get screwed up (again, something that’s been an ongoing theme but never explained)?
  • If I recall correctly, the Doctor whispered something to River in “Let’s Kill Hiter,” and he had a tuxedo, so what was going on there?
  • Also, what about the TARDIS control rooms from “The Lodger” and “Day of the Moon,” where will they come into play?

You know what, there are probably more, but at this point I’m just ready to give up (though, as a plus we won’t start the season with Rory and Amy).  Here is one final question:

How long until the BBC fires Moffat?

I give the episode somewhere between a 6.5 -7 out of 10.

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