OK, I was pretty brutal in my review of this episode.  So I decided to watch it again, and I’m glad I did.  Sure, I still have the same complaints about the lack of clarity in terms of story arcs, but I’ll ignore that in favor of looking at the positives.  Let’s start with River Song.

She really has turned into a great character.  Sure, she’s been a favorite of mine before this, but it’s nice to see her develop into a multidimensional character.  It’ll be interesting to see what her, Amy, and Rory do at the beginning of next season without the Doctor.  Speaking of, what about the Doctor?

He’s flying solo now.  I hope it stays that way for a few episodes since Matt Smith is amongst the greats – I put him in at third, with Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker being ahead of him – and deserves as much screen time as possible.  Now that everyone thinks he’s dead I wonder what he’ll be doing to stay hidden.  It’s just for a finale it seemed to lack any finale substance, and instead acted as a setup for next season’s opener.

The story itself was actually pretty good for the episode, and would’ve been great if the only arc to resolve was who killed the Doctor and how he escaped.  I hope Moffat will solve the rest of the arcs (refer to my previous post) in the first half of next season, or at least dedicate the season to solving them rather than adding more.  This seems to be a trend of his, like adding yet another one at the end of this season with the Doctor having to go somewhere (sorry, I forget the name of the place) where he’ll ask the oldest question that he apparently cannot ask because the answer is so horrible.

Overall, my main problems have already been stated in the last post, but the main one still remains; why is Moffat refusing to resolve his arcs and instead keeps adding to them?

Here’s to hoping next season will bring full clarity to it all.  I’d still like to know how River’s and the Doctor’s timelines get reversed, why there are two makeshift TARDIS control rooms, what the Silence is all about, and a few more that have already been posted.  Ending on a positive, it the tribute to the Brigadier was done rather well, especially since he was such an iconic character in the show.