Come on now Matt Smith.  I know you’re getting a ton of good reception as the Doctor and rightfully so.  After all, you and the Moffat era have brought the show back to its classic who roots.  But one year left of Doctor Who?  At least make it two more.  Finish the never-ending, now three season story arc and have a final, stand-alone season.

Granted, coming to America may be a good thing, but it really doesn’t seem to work well for British actors.  Just look at Christopher Eccleston, he hasn’t been in anything notable in American media.  The same goes for David Tennant.  Sure, he was in Harry Potter and Fright Night, but he really hasn’t been able to break into American cinema.  Even Torchwood hasn’t been overly popular here (despite going to Starz, which was a bad move since a lot of people weren’t going to pay for Starz just for Torchwood).

I’m not putting any of these actors down, it’s just that America doesn’t seem to be overly fond of British actors unless they instantly break on to the scene.  At least that’s what I’ve noticed.

If he only has one season left then hopefully the focus will be on the Doctor rather than too much attention on Amy, Rory, and River (granted, River is the most interesting of the three).

Once we get the 12th Doctor the question becomes how will they give the Doctor a new set of regenerations.  Well, they could easily say when River brought the Doctor back to life she also gave him a new set of regenerations.  Though, the Master was always cheating death so it’s not unheard of.

What do you all think of Smith having only a season left?  Could Moffat possibly be leaving as well if he runs out of ideas after his three season story arc?