OK, today has been a pretty neat day.  First I have to say the GTA V trailer actually has me interested in the game.  I couldn’t stand GTA IV.   They took away a lot of features, tried to force a serious story/tone, offered little variety in terms of environments, and overall was just a boring game (especially coming after San Andreas).  I actually traded it in to put towards my Skyrim pre-order.  However, bringing the game back to San Andreas has raised some hopes.  San Andreas is my favorite GTA and I still play it.  All the new one needs to do is stop putting such an overemphasis on trying to make a serious story and bring back all the features from the original SA while adding new ones.  The environment diversity isn’t going to be an issue as SA had distinct locations and there’s no reason for Rockstar to get rid of them.  I’m really looking forward to an awesome game considering the higher level of technology then can work with compared to that of the original SA (which is still impressive considering when it came out).

Now to Crysis.  I just beat this on the PS3 today (1 of my 20 game backlog that I want to put a dent in before Skyrim), and it may be the best fps I’ve played this gen.  I started with Crysis 2 earlier this year and wondered why there was a ton of hate towards it.  Well, now I know why (though Crysis 2 is still a very good game, just not up to par with the 1st).  I was reminded of when I played Far Cry on the original Xbox with open maps, a variety of ways to go through situations, a large sense of scale, having neat powers, and a steady progression throughout.  However, the ending was a bit of a letdown.  There’s really no bridge between the 1st and 2nd game, and I know the PC had an expansion pack so that may hold the bridge between the games.    I don’t want to harp on it (especially since I’ll probably end up writing spoilers), but I can say if anyone wants to play a solid, single player fps then the only real competition this gen (IMO) is Bioshock 1 and 2 (not getting into it now, but I prefer 2).

Aliens!  Yes, they are in Crysis 1 and 2.  I missed Ancient Aliens tonight, though it’s been rather horrible this season so I probably didn’t miss much.  Oh well, it’ll probably come on again around midnight.

When I say awesome stuff I really mean it.  I turned on my PS3 today to find I got a free $10 from Sony for the PSN store.  I then found out that they had some type of promotional thing going on in October if you spent X amount of money and to my surprise I did.  So, I picked up Gravity Crash and it is pretty great (if you don’t know what it is, it’s like a modern day version of Gravitar, which automatically makes it awesome).

This picture is just too epic not to want to play

I’m also debating whether or not to pick up Lord of the Rings: War in the North and putting it aside from Christmas.  The reviews keep putting it down but the things they put it down for seem to be rather inconsistent.  I’ll probably give it a go since it’s been a while since a good LOTR game and it has all types of co-op options (split screen being the most notable).

Speaking of co-op, I may also get Dead Island to team up with some friends over the winter/Christmas break.  IDK about it still, anyone have any thoughts on the game after playing it?  Hmm, I’ll most likely give it a go.

Also speaking of co-op/multiplayer, Battlefield 3 will definitely be taking care of those needs for quite some time once Christmas hits (luckily, I have the limited edition waiting to be opened [how limited can it be when there are tons of copies of it all over the place?]).

Needless to say, good times await in the world of video games, starting 11/11/11 with the midnight release of Skyrim!