Hello fellow Whovians, I am sorry to say there is some sad news that you probably know about.  A Doctor Who movie is in the works and will be directed by David Yates.  Fine, no problem with the director, but everything else

Yes Doctor, they are crazy

is looking bad.  Neither RTD or Moffat will even be a part of the writing team and it seems there is no chance of having Smith or Tennant portraying the Doctor.  There’s even a chance there won’t be any British writers.  Making matters worse, a lot of reports on it imply it will become a franchise.  As a lifetime fan of the show, there is one quote from Yates that hurt a bit:

“We’re looking at writers now. We’re going to spend two to three years to get it right.  It needs quite a radical transformation to take it into the bigger arena.”

What do I get from this?  Well then, it seems like he’s basically saying the fanbase now isn’t large enough.  Actually, it also seems like he’s saying the writing for the show now isn’t good enough to attract a mass amount of mindless sheep (which, paradoxically means that the writing is too good since it makes the viewer think). 

Considering they are going to try to market towards an American audience (come on, I’d imagine there isn’t a single person in the UK who doesn’t know of DW) I can almost guarantee the Doctor will end up being casted because he’s hot or something stupid like that.  Just throw acting aside.  Now, I recall there were rumours a couple of years ago where Johnny Depp would be the Doctor in a DW movie.  As much as I was opposed to it, I’d rather have him than some loser like Robert Pattinson or (haha this would be just horrible and probably won’t happen) Brad Pitt or Orlando Bloom.  OK, that out of the way, I’d imagine they’d try to overblow the Doctor’s relationship with his companion (thank you RTD for that nonsense) since American’s love senseless sexual tension just for the sake of forced drama. 

Let’s go back to the actor for a minute.  The Doctor has to be quirky.  This is why Tennant didn’t work, he was simply too human.  Smith plays the role correctly.  He can’t really relate to humans, and a lot of “New Who” (aka fake fans) aren’t a big fan of it (because they’re not really DW fans).  I’d imagine the movie Doctor would also be too human since Yates is convinced there need be “radical transformation” (I swear, if the Doctor becomes a woman I will freak out, well if it’s Helena Bonham Carter then I’d at least try to give it a chance) so I wouldn’t be surprised to see there be some made up stuff like in the Fox TV movie about how the Doctor is half human (ha Fox, thinking you could be all cool by putting that stuff into an already horrible version of DW). 

So, who would be a good actor?  Please, I’m really curious to see who people would pick. 

Me, I’d go with Tennant.  I know I sort of put him down for being too human, but at least he’ll be able to be enough of the Doctor while bringing in new fans (*shudders* at the thought of even more fake fans).  Plus, he’s actaully a rather good actor.  I’d love Smith to do it since he’s my favorite of the new series, but even if they were considered for the movie I don’t see him bringing in any new (casual) fans since he plays the role correctly.

Back to the franchise issue.  This is why the show exists.  Honestly, if I want to watch an epic saga I’ll start from Series 5, go to 6, and anxiously await 7 to (hopefully) wrap up the arcs in a mindblowing manner. 

I know, what's the point anymore?

OK, it may not be all bad.  Afterall, the casual fans to stick to the movies while the show is made for the real fans.  I have no problem with that.  However, will it happen that way?  Well, it seems to have worked like that for Star Trek (oh the abomination that was the newest Star Trek movie).  Speaking of the newest ST movie, that is another reason I’m condemning the DW movie.  I wonder who decided it would be cool to turn a sci-fi movie into an action movie with a useless sci-fi back drop.

I think a major reason DW hasn’t made it big here (well 2 things really) are that the US hasn’t had a decent sci-fi show or movie in a very long time and the majority of Americans just don’t get British shows (especially the humor, which comes into play a lot with the quirkiness of the Doctor, even if it’s subtle at times).

So, here are my choices for main villain of the movie:

  • Daleks
  • Cybermen
  • The Master

Out of all these, the Master is the best, but still not that great after John Simm’s portrayal of the character.

There is one thing that would instantly make me be the first person in line for the movie.

BRING BACK ROMANA (yes, CAPS are needed for that)!

All in all, I’m not excited for this.  As a lifelong fan I have experienced fake fans due to the RTD/Tennant era.  I have no problem with it becoming populuar, but I don’t want it to be “Americanized” in order to do that.  Sci-fi isn’t really big in the US, and I fear the movie would have to end up being a drama with a useless sci-fi background just to get people to see it. 

Oh well, as long as the show remains true to its roots and to the fans I’ll be happy.  And if the movie ends up being good then that’s a plus (note, it’s a big if).  Here’s to hoping for the best.

I’d also like to note my top 3 Doctors:

  • Jon Pertwee
  • Tom Baker
  • Matt Smith

Hopefully the movie Doctor can capture their greatness (yeah, that’s gonna happen).

Now I must go, oh “would you like a jelly baby?”

(quote taken from http://www.moviehole.net/201148932-doctor-who-coming-to-the-big-screen)