OK, The Cataracs did produce Dev’s debut album, The Night The Sun Came Up but I think by now we all know they’re a big part of it (if you don’t know just listen to a song from the album and Dev will tell you).  This is why her song Breathe is so awesome.  She actually says “it’s Dev” in the beginning!  I guess that was to make sure people remember you’re listening to her instead of a mix of J-Lo and Shakira.

I’m not going to review the album, but I will say it’s actually rather good.  I was surprised to see a good mix of dance and slower songs.  Musically, most of the songs are very catchy, which is what all good pop/dance music needs.  Basically, it’s very well written dance/party/pop music that should not be missed.

Right now I’m liking the song Lightspeed.  It took a listen or two but now it’s my second favorite song on the album (the first being Dance In the Dark, which may be the first time a single is my favorite song on an album).

If you don’t know Dev then don’t worry, you will now.

And just because I’ve been liking it so much, here’s Lightspeed