Well then, I realized that people really like hipsters.  Why you ask?  For some reason my hipster post ended up being my most viewed post.  This leads me to believe hipsters have reached such a level of mainstream that non-hipster people may now possibly be more hipster than hipsters (I think I’m on to something here)!  Anyway, I found some more hipster things along the lines of stuff I like, which means Doctor Who hipsterness (I quite like that new word).

See, people don’t walk around wearing a fez, but who does?  The Doctor, that’s who.  Rather, the universe’s first hipster.  The man who can’t wear a normal length scarf because it is just too hipster for him.  I was just watching the finale to series 6 and the fez continues to be hipster.  Let’s role on the hipsterness and maybe one of these days I’ll actually put an actual hipster post.  Until then, I suggest stopping by here to Domdyno’s blog about it.

I just realized the title to this post makes no sense, but oh well it’s all good, let’s just say it’s River Song hatin on hipster hats.

Now let us all take a moment to observe a death of a hipster’s fez:

And future hope for a new fez of hipsterness: