I must say, this Christmas Eve is rather great.  Sure, the Jets lost, meaning the Eagles now have no hope of getting into the playoffs, but that’s not enough to get me down.  The highlight in the NFL today is definitely the Chiefs beating the Broncos 40 to 14.  Even better, Tebow threw 4 interceptions, further proving he isn’t a good quarterback.  Back to the Eagles.  It’s currently half time, and while I can’t comment on the Bird’s defense (since they’re playing against a backup QB, which shouldn’t matter since Romo isn’t exactly an elite QB) I will comment on the offense.  I’ll admit, I’m going between the game and other stuff, but from what I’ve seen it seems that the Cowboys don’t have that great of a defense (watch them get to the playoffs and lose their first game, as they always do, I’m thinking Romo interception for a TD to end the game) and the Eagles are pretty much controlling the game, so that’s encouraging for next year.

But it’s not all football today, not by a long shot.  Upon waking up and turning on BBC America, I found out that there’s some sort of Doctor Who (DW) marathon today, which is rather amazing.  While watching one of the DW specials about Amy, Rory, and River it was quite surprising to see Hugh Douglas, former defensive end for the Philadelphia Eagles, be one of the star guests talking about the DW.  Speaking of DW, the Doctor himself (Matt Smith) will be on the Graham Norton Show Christmas special on BBC America tonight at 10.  Along with that, the DW Christmas special (The Doctor, The Widow, and The Wardrobe) will be showing on BBC America tomorrow night at 9.

Even when Christmas is over there will be new American Pickers and Pawn Stars on History channel the day after Christmas.  There’s just so much to watch this weekend and for once there’s plenty of time to watch it all!

Sadly, I did not do my DW marathon of series 5 leading up to getting series 6 on Christmas, but that’s just a minor wrinkle in the amount of awesomeness that is this weekend.

So there it is, a Doctor Who filled Christmas weekend and week with some Eagles thrown in there this and next weekend.

Happy/Merry Christmas to all, be sure to make it a great one!