I must say, 2011 has been rather great.  There really weren’t any lows to think of, and there were quite a few ups.  So, let’s get started in as best of a chronological order as I can remember:

  • The year started with Mass Effect 2 coming to the PS3, which was well worth the wait
  • Went through the spring semester relatively smoothly and ended up getting a summer long internship from a service learning project
  • Saw Epica live with support from The Agonist and 2 other bands I forget
  • Somewhere around here the new Within Temptation album (The Unforgiving) was released
  • Pirates of the Caribbean 4 managed to bring the franchise back from the disaster that was the 2nd and 3rd movies
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 came out and for someone who didn’t read the books, it did a nice job of wrapping up the series (though, if I produced/directed it, Luna would have ultimately saved the day)
  • Amaranthe’s impressive debut album came out (not sure when it came out)
  • Cowboys and Aliens came out, and it was well worth the wait
  • Saw Ke$ha live with LMFAO!
  • Went to Walt Disney World to end the summer
  • Go to fall semester, think it’ll be just ok, but then…
  • … go to “intern”/”train” at the writing center and…
  • … meet people such as Chas, Dom, Jenna, Lauren, Milo, Sam N, Deb, and Will…
  • … who may be just names to some people reading this, but are actually some of the most awesome people and…
  • … WAIT! I’m forgetting the person who made that all possible, the great Pam C.  Many thanks for letting me into the practicum and making this past semester the best so far!
  • Now then, it’s also worth noting that I went to the midnight release of Skyrim, the best game ever made
  • Doctor Who, Series 6 wraps up, and you can refer to past posts on the episodes/season to see why it first annoyed me but then made me realize series 7 can’t come soon enough (still, how did he originally get out of the Pandorica, and it was never explained how his and River’s timeline ended up going in opposite directions)
  • In the Dark (Dev’s song) ends up being one of the catchiest songs of the year
  • The semester comes to an end and as an aside, I suggest never taking a class on rivers and estuaries
  • Nightwish’s new album, Imaginaerum ends up being my personal favorite album of 2011, and brings the band back from the not so solid previous album
  • Christmas and Christmas week leading up to now were rather fun and did not fail to lead into a brand new year
  • Covering new years day, let’s go Eagles, sure you’re out of the playoffs, but finish the season strong

So there it is, a very quick look back at 2011.  From the looks of things, 2012 seems to be even better, and I hope it’s great for all of you as well!