So I tune into the People’s Choice Awards and by chance end up catching it right when Demi Lovato goes on.  Since I dig her tunes I was like, this is kind of cool I’ll stick around for more.  It was going just swimmingly, until the best young actor under 25 award came on.  I was thinking it would either be Daniel Radcliffe or Emma Watson.  Granted, Rupert Grint and Tom Felton are also rather great at their roles, but for me Radcliffe and Watson will always remain my favorite. Then there was some random girl in the middle, Chloë Grace Moretz.  I recognized the movie clip she was from, but other than that I had no idea who she was.  Sure, they always have to put that random person in just to mix things up a bit, but up against four fantastic actors you don’t really expect her to win.

You know what happens, she wins.  I think the audience was in complete shock, I know I was.  So, being annoyed I look up what she’s been in before.  What do I find?  She was in Let Me In, a horrible American adaptation of a Swedish book under the original name of Let the Right One In, which I was unfortunate enough to have seen in theatres.  Other than that she was in some little movies that are just sort of there and have some success as growing cult favorites (or maybe hipster movies, it’s hard to tell).

I’m all for giving credit to lesser known actors, but when you’re up against an cast as brilliant as the core group of actors in Harry Potter there really is no comparison.

Oh well, I guess this is just a taste of what 2012, the end of the world has to offer.

Still, I guess I must say congratulations Chloë Grace Moretz, the girl who will most likely be remembered for this one moment in time even if she does end up turning out to be amongst the top actresses in the future.