I don’t think so, but there is one not so subtle hint that makes me suspect I may be (which raises a question if that’s a bad thing, and I say not at all).  I was looking at my bio as a writing tutor and it says nothing more than:

“Close resemblance to Doctor Who.Just saying. ”

While this is not at all a bad thing, it is rather great since I didn’t write it.  Being a Whovian for my entire life (that’s right, not just a new Who fan) I feel it is my duty to bring the show to light for others.  While this may not always be the case, anyone taking the time to go through the bios for all the tutors will stumble upon that and either a) ignore it, b) wonder what it is and possibly look it up, or c) start a subsection of the writing center that turns into the geekiest section of the center.  Either way, it’s a start.  A start to bringing the best sci-fi around to a wider audience that hopefully consists of more than fangirls whining over David Tennant leaving.

I thank you person who wrote my bio (probably Chas Rad of The Rad Blog) for turning a bio for a center of education into a brilliantly simple yet genuinely geeky description.  I don’t think I could have said it any better myself.

Now this, this may be a better bio: