Oh what a great day of football it has been today.  First, the NFC game.  I liked both teams going into it, but was tired of the Alex Smith hate so I was hoping they’d win.  Truthfully, I didn’t think the 49ers would win.  I thought they had a really good chance, but I fell for the Saints hype, which is usually deserved.  Looking at it as an Eagles fan, I was kind of surprised to watch a hard hitting defense, and it was really nice to see.  Sure, we all kind of knew how great their defense would be, but I still had faith in Quarterback Alex Smith.  Yes, Quarterback, not “game manager.”  Really?  Game manager?  What is that, especially when Tebow has to wait for the second half of a game to reach over 30 passing yards?  That’s just degrading, and Smith proved today to the haters that he is a true Quarterback.  Though, I was really in shock to see that he can run, and you know what, he looked a lot faster than Tebow did today.  But that last drive, all I can say is they truly deserve to be in the playoffs.  So who won the game?  The 49ers.  Not their defense, not their running game, not their passing game, the team as a whole won the game.  They looked like they wanted to win, and that’s what they did all right.

49ers: 36

Saints: 32

Then there was Brady, Tom Brady.  Or as I like to call him, the best Quarterback in the NFL (sorry Rodgers, you’re a very close 2nd).  For those who know me they’ll know I do not like Tebow.  Rather, I don’t like the hype around Tebow.  I’m sure as a person he’s probably a really nice guy, sort of like I assume Tony Romo isn’t a bad person, it’s just the unearned hype they get.  Anyway, to the game.  Tom Brady was simply brilliant (well, there was one pick, but it didn’t really matter) tonight, and went up and down the field picking apart a visibly broken defense.  Brady looked like a man on a mission, to snap his playoff losing streak and to take down Tebow and the hype (of course the 2nd part is speculation but I wouldn’t be surprised if Brady’s tired of hearing about Tebow all week).  Not just that, but the team was very well disciplined.  That is in contrast to the Broncos, who are rather sore losers and ended up drawing 2 penalty flags for attacking Patriot’s players.  Now for the fun part, Tim Tebow.  The man who has proven he can take down injured, broken down teams but still can’t beat a real team.  Come on, just 9 completed passes?  Now, some of them weren’t his fault since the receivers didn’t look like they were fully in the game.  Which leads to my next point, the play calling was one of a team that had given up in the first half.  When they were down 21 to 7 he still wasn’t allowed to pass.  What does that say about the coach’s faith in him?  Not much at all, and I wonder if he has any faith in him (honestly, no pun intended).  So there we have it, the truth that is Tebow.  An over-hyped “game manager.”  Though, I was surprised to see that he didn’t really seem to care in his postgame press conference that they lost.  Really, there was barely any passion in his voice.  I would have loved if Brian Dawkins had played just to have heard him after the game.  I was also annoyed at the end of the game when the entire press camera crew went over to Tebow rather than Brady, who I don’t know, won the game.  I still like how Bill Belichick said there are things to improve on.  That just shows how much he wants to win, and I imagine Brady is thinking the same thing.

Patriots: 45

Broncos: 10

As for tomorrow’s games, I shall give my predictions.

Packers vs. Giants:

It will be a close game, but with the way the Giants have been going I favor them.  By no means will it be a blowout or a shootout, but rather a game much like the Saints vs. 49ers one.  The Giants defense is coming  alive, as is there offense.  We all know of the Packers explosiveness, and it will be interesting to see how their defense handles Eli Manning and his offense.  I hate giving scores, but it would be interesting to have it be the same as their last meeting but reversed.

Ravens vs. Texans:

As much as I want the Texans to win, I don’t see it happening.  Again, it won’t be a blowout or a shootout.  I see it being a rather low scoring game, with two strong defenses (with the Ravens having the better of the two).  This is alright since I do rather like the Ravens.  I see the score being somewhere around the territory of 21 to 17, with the Ravens pulling out the victory.