Well then, I really don’t have much to say.  This NFL season’s playoffs have pretty much disappointed me with every game.  The only good was watching Tebow go down and the 49ers beating the Saints.  Other than that every game has turned out rather bad.

Let’s start with the Ravens game.  I don’t want to blame Billy Cundiff for the loss.  After all, he wasn’t the only player in the game.  Granted, he should have made the kick, but that’s not the point.  Would it have killed Lee Evans to have caught a touchdown and trip to the Super Bowl?  It’s his job to catch those passes.  Likewise, where was the defense?  Ed Reed, Mr. Tough Guy decides to put down Joe Flacco during the week leading up to the game.  I don’t see where the Ravens defense is so intimidating, letting the Patriots score 23 points.  Reed had one nice play at the end of the game and that was basically it.  Switching back to offense, where was the offensive line?  More importantly, receivers were dropping easy catches or at least catches that should have been made.  This seems to be an ongoing problem with the team as I watch them each year.  I have been a Flacco supporter ever since he came into the NFL, and he always seems to be stuck without a strong receiving core (sort of like McNabb with the Eagles all those years).  Now, I expect the Ravens to have another run for the Super Bowl next year, but it would have been nice to see them take down the Patriots.  I rather despise the Patriots.  Mainly because they cheated, yes they cheated, remember Spygate?  Fun stuff that was.

Now the Giants win.  Actually, I’m not annoyed that they won, I just wanted the 49ers to win more.  I’m a fan of their defense, which is something many teams had trouble maintaining this season.  Plus, first year coach, that would be rather awesome.  Bringing back Alex Smith, also rather awesome.  While I have not followed him that much I’m glad they stuck with him after all the coaches and offensive coordinators he had to go through, plus injury it was nearly impossible for him or probably any other quarterback to succeed.  Honestly, being an Eagles fan I can’t really say I despise the Giants.  Perhaps it’s because they’re right up the road and it’s more of a “friendly rivalry” since Philly and NY fans are always arguing about their teams.  That and the fact Eli Manning is a great quarterback who I wish the Eagles had.  To me the Giants are that team that everyone seems to forget about.  In recent years they haven’t really done anything flashy or shocking.  They go through ups and downs and when they hit an up it seems to lead to a good playoff run or the Super Bowl.  Were the Giants a better team than the 49ers or do the 49ers desperately need a new punt returner?  I think it’s the latter, but that doesn’t take anything away from the Giants.  They’re the team I’ll be supporting on February 5th.  Hopefully we’ll get Cris Collinsworth as an announcer, as the game is going to be on NBC.

There we have it.  Another year nearly over, with one game left to go. Giants and the Patriots going at it again.  Will Big Blue, the New York Football Giants, the G-Men pull it out again?  I sure hope so.  While the title of the post isn’t exactly optimistic I’ll be an optimistic right now.  Sure, things didn’t go as I had hoped, but there’s no point in living in the past.  What’s done is done.  It’s a time to look forward, a time to hope the Eagles get McNabb back as a backup, but until we get to that there’s hope.  Hope that the Giants will win the Super Bowl.  I’m all Giants all the way!