Here we are, another season over.  This Super Bowl has been nothing short of brilliant.  I’m not a Patriots fan (though I do like Brady) so I was all for the Giants (even though I’m a hardcore Eagles fan I like the Giants more than I despise the Patriots).  There were times during the game that I was sure the Patriots were going to take the lead and finish off the Giants.  However, at the same time I had faith in Eli and his reputation for fourth quarter victories.  I’m not going to give a recap of the game, as I’m sure everyone reading this watched it, so I’ll keep this very brief (and talk about the commercials more).

I realized just how bad my Eagles are, and at the same time saw a good amount of their mediocrity on the field.  For instance, the Giants let the Patriots walk all over them at the end of the first half, which did not inspire much confidence going into the half.  Even the beginning of the second half wasn’t overly impressive, but then the Giants got back in the game.  Tom Brady was rushed, hurried, hit, and sacked enough to throw off his game somewhat.  Though, none of that matters when his receivers dropped balls with under a minute left in the game.  That’s not to say they played a bad game, but in the end Eli continued to prove just how good he is (definitely amongst the elite quarterbacks in the league right now).

So yeah, there we have it, Giants over the Patriots, 21 to 17.

I’ll leave with some predictions for the NFC East next season:

Giants: 10-6 or 11-5

Cowboys: 9-7

Eagles: 8-8 (if lucky)

Redskins: 6-10