I actually thought the halftime show was a lot better than others in recent years (remember there was Tom Petty, The Rolling Stones, and the not so well performed Black Eyed Peas last year).  Even though she’s from the 80s, her music did not sound dated (this could be due to the recent trend of new pop songs copying older ones).  The production was top notch of considering the stage had to be put together in what couldn’t be longer than ten minutes (if that).  I quite liked the screen on the field, which had some pretty cool animations on it.  Madonna herself was very good and put on a very entertaining performance.  Granted, Nicki Minaj didn’t really contribute much, and apparently M.I.A. gave the crowd the finger (which is why the screen blurred for a second, real classy move on her part).  Though, LMFAO and Cee Lo Green were a nice addition and both are always fun to watch.  Now to what people really care about, the commercials.

Well there were commercials, and the majority of them were nothing special.  I liked the M&M one, but the problem is it simply isn’t new.  Those characters have been around for a long time now, so I can’t really praise it for being anything special (even though it was quite funny).  The Jerry Seinfeld one was amongst my favorites, especially adding the Soup Nazi (never gets old).

One ad I just did not like at all was the Chrysler one with Clint Eastwood.  First of all, I can’t stand the whole “Imported From Detroit” thing, mainly because Detroit is in America so I don’t know what type of importing is going on.    The ad itself was kind of against everything the current trends for cars are going towards.  None of the vehicles in the ad were even close to being good on gas mileage.   They were all giant trucks and SUVs, I think the car in the ad was a Challenger, which at best may get 27 MPG.  Why not have a car there that can get around 35 MPG?  Maybe they don’t have one, I don’t know (the Chrysler 200 only gets around 30 at best, and that’s substantially smaller, so I guess a Challenger isn’t overly out of the question).  Still, it was far too over dramatic just to sell cars.  Yeah, there was a good message underneath it all, and I have nothing against that, but when you break it down to what is actually being sold, it’s basically them trying too hard to connect with the average person rather than show what their cars are all about.

That leads me to another ad, the Chevy one for their trucks that can survive the end of the world.  Sure, it’s over-the-top but that’s not the problem, as that’s apparently what Super Bowl ads turned into.  It’s the fact that they made a point to say how someone with a Ford truck would end up being killed by the end of the world.  Why not showcase some features of the Chevy truck?  I guess it’s just easier to make ridiculous statements about their competition (I say ridiculous because the Chevy would also not survive the situation a Ford couldn’t when it’s in relation to the end of the world).

Back to an ad I did like, the one with the dog (I think for Volkswagen) that couldn’t fit through the dog door.  This was a cute little ad with a dog.  Not much more you can ask for.  It kind of fell apart at the end with the Star Wars thing, but I guess they felt compelled to reference their ad from last year.

Car ads weren’t all bad, the Fiat 500 Abarth ad was great.  They knew their target audience and hit it perfectly.  Simple ingredients, get a very attractive woman, make sure she has a sexy accent, and have her be provocative.  I’m not sure if having an Abarth will make this happen to someone in real life, but one can hope.  Basically, very good commercial.

Though, not all car ads can be as good, just look at the Chevy Sonic ad.  First of all, this car just looks like a cheap econobox.  I don’t understand why they tried to make a sort of music video for it while it did stupid stunts.  Again, I guess the car just isn’t that good so they figured it would be easier to hide it behind a flashy commercial (which was more annoying than flash).

However, the Hyundai ad with the Rocky theme was cool, but I may have liked it because they start every Eagles game with a montage of clips set to the same theme.  Also, it may be a Philly thing, as I’m not sure if it’s as great of a way to start a game for people outside of the city.  Still, it was cool to have it start like an Eagles game.

Following the lead of the Fiat ad, the Toyota Camry ad was kind of neat to have some bikini girls pose as a couch.  The rest of the ad was actually not bad, but sex sells and it’s also kind of cheap.  However, there were a lot of random Toyota ads, both new and old.  They probably had the most car ads throughout the Super Bowl, which kind of leads me to believe they are having troubles with sales.  Just look at Ford, I don’t think there was a single ad for them.  You never see a Mustang ad, and that’s because they don’t need ads, they just sell.

The biggest thing missing from all the ads were cell phone and tablet ads.  There were only one or two (I recall one around halftime for a Samsung Tablet, at least I think that’s what it was, it had a pen which was neat).

Oh, almost forgot, five movie ads.

1.  The Dictator.  I saw this ad and honestly, this is my most anticipated comedy of the year.  It looks great.

2.  John Carter.  I’ve been waiting for this for a year now, and am glad it’s finally here.

3.  Battleship.  Basically, the worst movie of the year, but it looks so bad that I’ll have to see it.

4.  New GI Joe movie.  Yeah, I don’t know, it’s just there and coming this summer.

5.  The Avengers.  Looks bad but Joss Whedon is involved, so I’ll give it a go.

There you have it, my recap of the ads and entertainment.  The commercials were kind of boring, but Madonna made up for it.  There’s nothing notable to say about the pregame singers for the national anthem, but at least they remembered the words.  It would have been nice to have Lea Michele or Kristin Chenoweth instead of Kelly Clarkson, but she wasn’t that bad.  I don’t look forward to seeing this ads over and over for the next month, but oh well.

If you have any favorite ads or disagree with my thoughts please weigh in, as I’m interested in seeing if I missed anything with the ads.