Going back a few posts, you may notice my rant about how I was going to get a Playstation Move.  Well, that didn’t happen, but it may still happen.  After analyzing some financial whatnot, I realized a Vita is out of the question at the current time.  However, a Move is still within reason.

Persuaded by a friend, I have decided to trade in some of my games.  These include Call of Duty: World at War, Medal of Honor, Tekken 6, Crysis 2, Killzone 2, Assassin’s Creed 2, and possibly Dead Island.  None of these games are really inviting me back to play, and I accept their lack of re-playability, as they were all fun for a time, but like all things, the time has passed.  I am still thinking about Dead Island since I had bought it to play with others, but they no longer seem to be playing it and I beat it, so there may not be any problems with getting rid of it.

I realized a lot of these games just don’t do much to bring the player back.  AC2 may have been good for that, but after a single play through, without trying, I ended up getting 92% of the trophies.  Well, I’m not going back to get the remaining trophies since one is to get all the feathers and two of them require going back into the middle of the game and doing some tasks.

There’s not much point in keeping these games, as I’ve already said I won’t play them again.  Why not then put them to good use, and trade them in for two new games, a Move, and the Sharp Shooter attachment for the Move?

Here I am, again, will I get it this time, who knows, but I may, and if not now, then eventually.

Though, if I do get it there will be some videos uploaded to go along with it, so that will be interesting.