We now have the newest Doctor Who companion revealed as being played by Jenna-Louise Coleman.  I know very little about her as an actress, but after reading she rivals the Doctor in terms of how fast she can talk, I’m excited to see both of them go at it.  Hopefully she won’t have an over dramatic story attached to her like the Ponds do.  I don’t have much to say since she’s new to me, but I have no doubt that she’ll fill the role without a problem.  Though, I would like to address the complaints that she was only hired due to her looks.  Let’s reflect shall we?  Amy, Rose, Martha, Lady Christina de Souza, Romana II, Sarah Jane Smith, and many more were all very attractive for when they were on.  It seems like too many people are trying to condemn her before she even has a chance.  I’m all for a new companion, and it should give Matt Smith a season to really play the role without having to worry about the drama of the Ponds.

Now, there’s a new issue of Doctor Who Magazine that just came out, and I have a problem with it.  By only looking at the cover I noticed it says “Daleks and Weeping Angels!  The new episodes revealed.”  By this point I’m tired of Moffat recycling the same old Weeping Angels.  Really?  Come on now, they were great the first time, and not bad the second.  However, they’re growing old.  The Daleks have already grown old, as they really don’t do anything and as I’ve said before, were barely in Classic Who.  On the topic of recurring villains, they all need to take a break.  Last series showed how useless the Cybermen are by somehow being in a crashed ship on Earth, and two series ago just randomly patrolling a part of space.  The Silurians didn’t do overly much, as the first part of their episode was good, but then it just turned into a generic second part of revenge and broken peace treaties between humans and Silurians.  I’m just worried that Moffat may be running out of steam here and is relying on falling back on the same old stuff.

However, the cover is not all bad.  The upper right corner has an ad to win a Vita.  Come on, who doesn’t want to win a Vita?  I think that’s an awesome prize, and it says it comes with a game so I’m assuming they mean the Doctor Who game (though, that means you’ll have to get a moderately large memory card since you’ll have to download the game, as I don’t think it’ll have an actual hard copy release).

To sum it all up, I’m glad we’re getting a new companion, worried there will be too many recurring villains, and would love to win a Vita.