So, I popped my Battlefield 3 into my PS3 and had to download patch 1.04.  OK, no problem, it happens.  After 10 minutes of downloading I’m alerted at the main menu that I have to re-download the Back to Karkand DLC.  They give some message apologizing for the inconvenience, and I’m currently staring at a screen that says 27% complete download, 31 minutes remaining.  I’m not against patches, but when they do all this it can be very aggravating.  I looked up a video to see what the patch does and apparently the big addition is an option to leave a server while in the screen between matches (good addition) and custom servers.

Now, these servers have to be paid for, but it seems you don’t have to pay to play on them.  I’m writing this part after getting the patch and into a game (though, it’s worth noting that I downloaded the Karkand DLC again but the maps did not show up, so I’ll have to look into that).  I ended up in a conquest game that had each side consisting of over 1000 tickets.  Though it made it even more annoying that I was on a horrible team, it was pretty intense having the game go on for quite a long time (yes, of course the PC version will always be more intense due to the player count and whatnot, but for a console shooter it is very nice).  There’s also some new option for match making, but I have yet to try it out.  Apparently they also tweaked how weapon grips work and did something to the Stinger missiles, but I don’t know what and if you care to find out I’m sure it’ll be a quick search online.

I suppose now I shall go back to trying to figure out why I can’t get the DLC to show up, as they’re my favorite set of maps in the game.

As an aside, apparently Best Buy is closing 50 stores in the US.  This isn’t a big surprise, all you have to do is walk into one and see there is far more empty space than products to buy.  I suppose it’s what happens when they don’t have any major competition.  Oh well, I guess I’ll be buying all my music and movies off of, and will substitute convenience with savings.  Though, Best Buy does do some really good deals with video game trade ins, so hopefully that will continue.