Not far after the release of the the latest Battlefield 3 patch we are treated with some new DLC.  Well, no, no were not, that would be a lie.  There is DLC, $40 in fact, but it isn’t what you would think.

This new DLC will be available for $40, and also in individual payments based on classes, weapons, vehicles, and pretty much as many things as they could think of.  What it does is grant you access to content that you would otherwise have to play online to get through earning points in matches and progressing accordingly.  Basically, if you spend the $40 you will not have to wait to get all the guns, attachments, and vehicle upgrades.

Honestly, I’m left in complete disgust.  I always thought people played online for a sense of accomplishment, especially when in relation to Battlefield 3, which the core players like to advertise as being more team based.  Now I wouldn’t be surprised if the team work ends up going away.  There’s no doubt in my mind about it, there will be a lot of people willing to drop money, even if it is ridiculously priced DLC, for this nonsense.  Then there will no longer be any point for them to work as a team since they have no points to work for, and will most likely be more inclined to lone wolf it.  Not to mention, the spawn camping I talked about in the last post about patch 1.04 will probably be more of a problem since these people won’t care about helping there team and will only care about their K/D ratio.

It was only yesterday that I was in shock that Capcom would sell a mere 12 fighters for an outrageous $20 for Street Fighter X Tekken, and that was ignoring the fact that the DLC is already on that disc and an additional fee must be paid to access it.   Writing this, I don’t really know which is worse.  EA can potentially ruin their biggest shooter, their supposed competition to Call of Duty (don’t even get me started on the DLC for those games, but at least all they do is add maps and game modes, not beat it for you) by turning the once competitive online multiplayer into a bunch of lone wolfs, and trust me, there are currently too many of them.

At this point, I wish another developer would have a share in the official license to the NFL so I would not have to buy Madden and in turn have no reason to ever touch anything with EA on it.