Well then, if anyone has been following Capcom’s announcements this week you probably know the big things going on.  Lost Planet is getting another go and Resident Evil 6 is getting a crazy, $1000 plus special edition.  I also think there was a Dragon’s Dogma hands on demo, but I’m not sure about it and know it is not available for download on the PSN or Xbox Live Marketplace.

Now, Lost Planet 3 seems interesting.  I’m a fan of the 2nd game, as it reminds me of Monster Hunter, but with big guns.  Sure, the friendly AI was horrible, but they did distract enemies enough that they at least served that purpose.  Yes, the story was horrible, but really, who played that game for the story?  It was made for the crazy action, awesome graphics, and fun online and offline co-op (I like to ignore the competitive multiplayer modes).  Not to mention, there was a lot to unlock and customize your character with.  Apparently, Lost Planet 3 is being handled by Spark Unlimited, who are fondly remembered for that nonsense game, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty.  Still, that was a few years ago and who knows how much of the development team is still there.  They also are able to work with Capcom or at least with the basis of 2 games already in the series, so there’s more help this time around.  I’m giving them a chance here, as I’m a big fan of crazy games like this.  It’ll be interesting to see how it is with more of a focus on story and single player, but I’m thinking they’ll be able to make it work.  The game’s supposed to come out next year, so there’s still a lot of time to speculate, and we have not even seem gameplay footage, so I’m not getting overly excited at this point.  Now, there’s one thing I’m not excited for, which is also brought to us by Capcom.

Resident Evil 6 is coming out later this year, and I’m sure by now you either know if you like the way the series is going of you don’t like it at all.  I fall into the second category, but will probably end up playing it at some point.  However, there is one thing that is just crazy, and not in a good way.  They are releasing a premium edition of the game, which will cost$1302, yes, that is how much it will cost.  Why so much?  Well, I don’t know.  It comes with a replica of Leon’s leather jacket, four tablet covers, and of course the game.  Now, tablet covers don’t cost $100 each, and the game is $60.  I doubt the jacket actually costs $500 or more, especially since it’ll be massed produced.  I can’t really blame Capcom, as people will buy it.  It’s just outrageous, but will be interesting to see how many people buy it (after all, I was amazed how many people were buying the Skyrim special edition with the dragon).

There’s also Dragon’s Dogma, coming out May 22 in the US, and is looking to be the best alternative to Monster Hunter on PS3 and 360.  Though, I’ll be discussing this more when/if a demo comes out, and as the release date gets closer (of course when the game comes as well, as this is looking to be a day one purchase).

If nothing else, I applaud Capcom for trying new things.  Sure, the Resident Evil 6 Special Edition is expensive, but it’ll serve well to stir up talk about the game and create a lot of buzz amongst gamers and non-gamers.  Lost Planet 3 shows that there are still companies that are willing to stick with a franchise when it falters.  Dragon’s Dogma is simply awesome looking, and seems to be great fun.  So there it is, the craziness that is Capcom (there’s also the new Devil May Cry, but I have not been following that).