One year ago today, Elisabeth Sladen passed away at the age of 65.  I don’t think there was a single person who watched Doctor Who or The Sarah Jane Adventures that was not saddened by this news.  Many of us who grew up watching Doctor Who, regardless of age, likely grew up with the 3rd and 4th Doctor accompanied by Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen).  She acted as the human element needed to counter the Doctor’s alien personality, but at the same time was a way for viewers to relate to the show.  She never took over the story and was never an after thought, she was simply real.

I imagine in real life she was similar to how she was on TV.  That is, someone you would want to be around.  Really, there’s not much more I can say that has not already been said.  We have lost a fantastic person, but she will always live on.

Never shall we forget you, Elisabeth Sladen, our Sarah Jane.