After watching Sony’s E3 press conference I’m left with mixed feelings.  I’ll begin with the good.  The Last of Us seems to be an amazing game, and a stage demo was used to finish the press conference.  Some may be disappointed it’s not a survival horror game, but that’s fine by mine.  The game appears to be a survival game based around the relation of the the two main characters.  This is further demonstrated in the demo when the AI partner saves the main character on multiple occasions.  The thing is, it isn’t in the form of cutscenes, and all happens in real time.  Though, that may also be a problem if the final game has issues with the AI, but I trust in Naughty Dog to make the game run very well.  However, this wasn’t the biggest surprise of the night.

No, that goes to Quantic Dream’s newest title, Beyond: Two Souls.  In short, the game follows Jodie Holmes a period of her life filled with highs and lows, and to make it interesting, she is accompanied by a ghost (well I’m not sure if they said ghost, but it’s something from beyond).  Other than that there’s not much to say, as not much was said.  Worth noting, Holmes is played by Ellen Page, which further contributes to Quantic Dream’s cinematic gaming experiences.  Now, I’m not going to lie, I never played their previous game, Heavy Rain, but that’s because it never looked interesting to me (I’m not a fan of crime dramas).  This however, looks to be right up my ally, and knowing it will actually have strong writing makes the story something that may stack up their amongst the best in video games.  My only issue is the developers keep preaching about making a mature game because adults want to do something more than explode stuff, but the second half of the trailer was full of action and explosions.  Oh well, as long as the whole game isn’t like that I’ll be good.

As for the rest of the show there wasn’t anything overly exciting, well apart from Assassin’s Creed 3.  I’ve been looking forward to the game here and there since it’s been announced, as I’m tired of the Ezio stuff.  However, knowing I’ll be able to be a captain of a warship is awesome.  As is not having to wear those annoying robes anymore.  The PS Vita spinoff of the game also looks interesting, and it’ll be interesting to finally have a playable female lead.

That’s it in terms of games that was interesting.  Sure, Far Cry 3 had a spot, but other than the setting nothing much was shown to make it different than any other shooter (I say this because it was a live demo of four player co-op, which is neat, but looked to be very straightforward).  The new God of War was also shown, but at this point you either know if you like it or not, so it wasn’t overly exciting, but does look to be a solid entry to the series that fans will definitely enjoy.  I’m not going to say much about the next game, but Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale continues to look like a shameless ripoff of Super Smash Brothers.  Yes, there are a few differences, but nearly everything else looks to be so similar that it’s laughable (even the animations when you get hit and go flying in the air look very similar).

Then there’s the very interesting part, the Wonderbook.  It’s used with the Playstation Eye and Move and makes the books made for it turn into interactive story books.  This is targeted to children, and what better way to do it than have the genius herself, J.K. Rowling work with Sony on the first book?  When seen through the Eye, her book, Book of Spells becomes interactive, and the Move turns into a wizard’s wand.  The want is used to cast spells and other wizarding things.  I’m interested to see how the Wonderbook works with reading, as it appeared words were highlighted in red as the user in the demo progressed through the chapters.  Regardless, the product should really be called “Making School Fun,” as it will be perfect for a school setting.  Sure, teachers will protest, but they have to understand children are growing up in the digital age, and can no longer be taught by boring old lectures.  I really do appreciate Sony taking a step in this direction, as it continues to show their innovation.

So, while only two exclusives wowed me, and wow they did, the Wonderbook and Assassin’s Creed 3 helped me forget about the other, not so interesting games.  Now, if we’d be lucky enough to either have GTA V released this year or at least an official release date for next year I’d be set for the future year of gaming (as Bioshock: Infinite and Tomb Raider are already coming out next year).