People become attached to things they invest time into.  People want it to be worth it.  If something goes on for too long people begin to have doubts that the ending may not be worth it.  But what happens when something works out perfectly and people are still disappointed with how it ends?


Well, just read a discussion board about the ending of Mass Effect 3.  I cannot believe how many people are still complaining about it.  After playing the game, I really don’t see what all the fuss is about.  Sure, the choices made in past games didn’t directly alter the ending of the game, but the had an impact on other events prior to the ending.  As for the ending itself, why was it so bad?  Really, it’s not that complicated, so I don’t see why people are trying to think of alternate theories on why it ended how it did.  Simply put, Shepard runs towards a teleportation beam, then ends up getting shot and nearly dies, then wakes up sees everyone around him dead, still walks towards the beam, and then is teleported.  After being teleported, Shepard walks about until finding and killing The Illusive Man.  No big deal.  So you then go to the top of the ship you’re on and after talking to the synthetic mind (sorry, it’s been a while I forget what it was actually called) you are faced with a choice of which ending you want.  Then the ending is played out in a cutscene and that’s it.

I’m sorry, but where in the world is there any issue with how it ended?  It’s not like the games ever had deep stories, they’re all pretty much standard space-opera affair.  Now, that’ s not a bad thing, but I’m just confused as to what type of ending people would have preferred?

It seems like people are looking way too into a space-opera, where the main focus is on the characters and their relations, which this game (for the most part) does very well.  If anything, I was most annoyed with the addition of online play being tied in with single-player, as I was never able to actually get into any type of match due to nobody ever saying they were ready to start the game, so I’d always just sit in lobbies and wait.

Basically, this is a space-opera, and even if it wasn’t, the ending is still not bad by any means.  Sure, there could have been more cutscene showing a memorial service for Shepard or having a kind of Earth rebuilding scene, but that wouldn’t have really added that much.  Maybe “true” Mass Effect fans will say I’m not a fan so I don’t get it because every “true” fan gets it, but to each their own I suppose.