I’m inclined to say yes.  Sure, History may have nonsense such as Swamp People, Ice Road Truckers, and knockoffs of their own shows (Cajun Pawnstars and the upcoming pickers game show) and Bravo has all those Housewives shows, but it’s a bit more tolerable.  Granted, I don’t know what most of the stuff on History has to do with history, but at least H2 sometimes has interesting shows (though, as much as I love it, Ancient Aliens is getting old).  Bravo has turned into the Housewives channel with a few other very similar shows.  Yes, TLC has gone from The Learning Channel to mostly a competition to HGTV, but even then they sometimes show something not related to home remodeling.

The thing is, when you think of those channels you can think of a lot of different types of shows that would fit, so whatever they do show usually isn’t that out of the ballpark.  However, SyFy has the distinction of being a genre specific station.  The problem is they couldn’t care less about following that genre.  I think that has something to do with the negative image people still attach to science fiction fans.  You know, a bunch of losers sitting in their basements arguing about Star Trek or going to Comic Cons dressing up as their favorite characters but ultimately not able to ever get a girlfriend or function in society.  Don’t laugh, there are still people who have no problem making these vast generalizations (now, it’s true that if I go to Comic Con this year I’ll be dressing up as Gaius Baltar, that is if I can find a 6).  Surprisingly, that leads me into my next point.

SyFy, first you have to imagine before you can imagine greater

See, the last gripping science fiction show to broadcast on SyFy was Battlestar Galactica.  Notable shows since then have been Eureka and Warehouse 13, but neither of them do much to conjure up a reason for long term investment (Eureka may have been able to if it weren’t for them trying to be quirky, and watching last year’s Christmas special was kind of painful).  Warehouse 13 isn’t really bad, but at the same time I wouldn’t go out of my way to watch it.  Even Battlestar has a lot of problems – ignoring threads, writers saying to just go with it when parts don’t make sense (really, watch some episodes on DVD with commentary), and an apparent conflict of interest on whether or not it’s meant to be a sci-fi show or a drama that just so happens to be set in space – but when the science fiction is there it really is rather good.

Now they seem to be relying on sex.  A lot of sex.  Bisexual sex.  Lost Girl has so much sex in it that it’s just annoying.  The main character (a female succubus) has to have sex in order to heal (what a clever way to add a lot of sex).  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against sex in shows and movies, but when it’s obviously put in there just to get ratings it doesn’t get a good mark in my book.  The show itself isn’t OK, but it’s not really science fiction.

I understand people have a lot of views on what sci-fi is, and for me I’d like to draw the line at supernatural.  Supernatural is not sci-fi.  This means all of those seasons of Ghost Hunters are not sci-fi, and I really don’t know what they are other than repetitive.  But SyFy continues to crank out ghost shows, with their newest ones (I think it’s called School Spirits and that one about items being haunted by ghosts) being worse than the ones before.  Though, I’m conflicted on whether or not they’re as bad as when SyFy tries to have game shows.  Stop it!  You’re not a game show channel!  You are supposed to be science fiction!  I couldn’t care less if someone can do makeup for movies.  Likewise, stop the reality shows!  If I want to watch science fiction I don’t want to watch people auctioning old movie props, making custom vehicles, or doing monster designs for movies.  How in the world are any of the shows I described in this paragraph science fiction?

Maybe, just maybe they would all be bearable if it weren’t for the complete nonsense and mockery of science fiction, B movies, and any unfortunate viewer that are SyFy original movies.  They used to kind of decent B movies, but now they are just horrendous.  I believe if Ed Wood could come back from the grave he’d be able to make a better movie than whatever it is they insult us with on SyFy.  Their latest movie, Piranhaconda is some story (who in the world wrote this?) about a fish and snake that somehow crossbred and turned into a giant snake fish that likes to eat people.  The acting is the worst I’ve seen in any of their movies, and I believe they simply went around the block of the studio and picked the first few people they could find and cast them.  How does SyFy decide what movie to make next?  I think they have one of two methods:

  1. Take the name of an animal and either add Super- or Mega- in front of it.
  2. Make a list of animals, put it in a program, and have it randomly select two of them and base the movie off that.

I don’t know what idiot is running SyFy, but said person needs to be forced to sit in front of a television and watch the crap that is on a supposed science fiction station.  At this point, just name it Supernatural (BBC America does this for their Supernatural nights, as they know the shows aren’t science fiction), as there only remains pity excuses for science fiction on a station supposedly designed for the genre (seriously, all they have to do is broadcast one genre, it’s not that abstract of a concept).