So apparently YouTube has recently gone through some updates, and there is a major one that is annoying me to no end.  When I’m signed into my account and go to watch videos there is no longer a drop down menu above the video to see what else the user has uploaded.  Sure, there may be a few of their videos on the side of the screen but I used to like being able to scroll through their videos while having one on and not having to go to their channel to do so.

I don’t really understand why this horrible design choice was implemented, but it certainly makes navigating a lot more cumbersome.  This is most notable when I know which order videos come in for YouTube musicians and when I want to listen to a song that’s technically right before the video I’m watching I now have to find wherever it’s randomly placed on the related videos sidebar.

In case you’re wondering what in the world I’m going on about, here’s a screen cap of the nonsense that YouTube updated to.  You’ll notice there is no drop down bar and that none of my channel’s other videos are on the sidebar.  If anyone knows where in the world they may have moved the option to drop down a menu to see the other videos from my channel (and everyone else’s [is that a word, I don’t know] channel) then please inform me.