There, I said it, and I’m sure there’s a good chance you’re saying it too.  I won’t lie, I’m a fan of American Pickers and I always get a kick out of watching Mike and Frank and the people they meet.  Heck, even Pawn Stars (while getting somewhat more annoying with each new episode) I don’t mind watching.  American Restoration isn’t the greatest, but it’s still something to watch.  Then there was How the States Got Their Shapes (which never really did what the title said), Around the World in 80 Ways, that taxidermy show, and Larry the Cable Guy’s show (which I actually thought was a surprisingly entertaining show).  Sure, not all of these shows were great, but they at least showed a little bit of effort (though, I’m still confused why they ever thought that farming show with the wheat collectors would be good, and for the life of me I don’t understand how the trucking shows and Swamp People have a viewer base, but so be it).

However, now they have given up.  There’s that upcoming show Picked Off, which is basically American Pickers the reality game show.  I won’t put it down yet, but rather will wait for it to air.  Though, I will put down Cash Cowboys.  I thought we were done with shameless knockoffs of American Pickers after Picker Sisters basically fell into oblivion (that was a bad show).  Sadly I was wrong, as Cash Cowboys is a carbon copy of American Pickers.  I don’t care that one guy started as more of a picker and the other with a background in auctions more than picking.  You know the red info boxes in Pickers when they find something interesting?  The exact same box (I can’t tell if it’s a bold font now, but it’s the same thing) is there.  Recall how after a pick the red box would come back showing how much they paid, how much they will sell it for, and how much they’ll ultimately make?  You guessed it, the exact same box is there, though I think they may have changed the sound effect from one money cha-ching to another cha-ching sound (so what?).  The music is essentially the same thing, just with a few different notes and a very slight bit of a twang (it is Cash Cowboys after all).

Honestly, it’s like they watched an episode of Pickers and then went to some person’s house and repeated everything verbatim.  Though, I have to hand it to them, their outfits are different, and that’s the problem.  See, Mike and Frank look like they wear clothes you’d see a lot of people wear, not these guys.  They have their giant cowboy hats and really annoying jackets and vests (it’s obvious the producers wanted to do anything to show this isn’t a shameless knockoff).  Along those lines, it’s not a bundle anymore as Frank likes to call it.  Now it’s a package deal, so exciting.  And if I hear another cheap sound effect of a gun or whip I’ll be convinced they have staff that have been introduced to computers for the first time in their lives.

To be fair, this is on H2, but it’s still part of History so I don’t think it’s overly worth making a point of.  If I wanted to make a point of the original History I’d bring up Cajun Pawn Stars, but I won’t go on about that right now.  I recently had a post saying how SyFy is the worst station on television, and I still agree with that, but anymore History is making its way to a very close second.