I won’t lie, I’ve been a bit nervous about the new season of Doctor Who.  For a while it has turned into the Amy and Rory show with the Doctor just kind of being there.  But this trailer seems to be proving me wrong.  Sure, it still doesn’t address why someone is trying to build their own TARDIS control room as seen now in Series 5 and 6, but I’ll ignore that for now.

By now we probably all know this season starts off with an epic Dalek adventure featuring every Dalek in Doctor Who history.  I’ve grown tired of the Daleks, but from what the trailer shows it seems taking a break from the Daleks allowed Moffat to try to forget about his Power Ranger Daleks and RTD’s human Dalek nonsense.  Of course, we’ll probably get a really nice coincidental moment when the Doctor manages to escape a huge room full of Daleks, but if River Song is doing the perfectly timed saving then it’ll likely be very entertaining.  With all these Daleks I wonder, can this somehow relate to the Time War?

Something weird with time is up since there are dinosaurs (nice throwback to the Pertwee era of Who), cyborgs, robots, Daleks, someone in what may be ancient Egyptian clothing, cowboys, and probably more that has yet to be revealed.  Of course there’s a short shot of the Doctor in Times Square, and I can’t even begin to imagine what will be going on there since they spent a few days filming in NYC.  We also are treated to new Weeping Angels, which is good, because Moffat is beginning to overuse them.

In all honestly, I am incredibly excited to get right into Series 7.  I’m relieved Amy and Rory will be leaving soon, as they began to become the show.  I’m ready for Jenna-Louise Coleman to take over, and everyone is saying she can talk as fast as Matt Smith, so I’m hoping she can bring in some of the fun banter last seen by Catherine Tate as Donna Noble.  I’m also interested to see how the Doctor managed to kill an entire room of Daleks and why he’s holding Amy in his arms (I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s just knocked unconscious, but if Moffat goes all out and has her actually die it will become one of the most daring, dramatic, and talked about episodes of Doctor Who).

So I say bring on Series 7 as quickly as possible, it’s looking to be a fantastic season, and we’ve only seen clips from the few episodes with the Ponds!

Are you all as excited as I am for the new Series?  Please leave your comments below.

Here’s the trailer: