MTV likes to ignore that they used to show music videos but we’ve gotten used to that.  Now we have something far worse.  I’m assuming those from the UK will know of the show The Inbetweeners, but for the Americans who don’t I’ll briefly explain it.  Essentially, it’s a show based around four high school guys that aren’t popular and are usually trying to get laid or are trying to be cool (well, not Will, he’s just trying to get great grades and watching him not be proper is always classic).  The best part of the show is that it feels real.  I guess high school in there and here in America is pretty similar, as a lot of the dialogue (while sometimes a little over-the-top) is easy to relate to.  The show is full of obscenitys, which makes it even more real and the best part is the actors all play it as if they’re really in the situations.  It rarely feels forced, and that’s what’s so good about it.

Now MTV has decided to have their own version.  It looks horrible.  They went so out of their way to get goofy looking actors to let us all know they’re the not popular kids.  Seriously, it’s like they went to a stereotype store and picked out four guys.  To make it worse, the trailer rips parts from the original show and awkwardly places them into the American version.  The actors are lifeless and if seems like there is a monitor behind the camera they are reading from.  The show will broadcast at 10:30 tonight on MTV, so expect a review of it either tonight or tomorrow, as I will hold my tongue until I see a full episode.

What do you think of the American version?  Should it go away into the dark corners of the Earth like the US version of Coupling or even worse, the Fox version of Doctor Who?

On the plus side, America finally gets to see The Inbetweeners Movie in a few weeks in theaters, and I for one cannot wait to see it.

For now, here is a trailer of the US version and a collection of clips from the British version:

US Trailer

British Version