Spoiler Warning – Series 5 and 6

Yes and no.  On the no side he did bring back Doctor Who to what it used to be.  He took out the nonsense of the companions (except Donna) wanting to either have sex with the Doctor or marry him.  He kind of knew how to make good season finales (more on that later).  Bringing in Matt Smith was simply brilliant, as he feels like the Doctor.  What that means is he doesn’t feel human like David Tennant often did.  Series 5 was great and is my favorite of the reboot.  The episodes started having a more serious tone and there was a sense of urgency that fit the mood, but then it all kind of went wrong.

Series 5 had a nice arc but it had its problems.  For one, how did the Doctor ever get out of the pandorica?  I mean for the first time?  The way Moffat wrote it meant it was a paradox.  I know Moffat likes time travel and for some reason people are now fine with paradox after paradox, but it makes no sense since the Master had to make a paradox machine and these issues really didn’t come about in the classic series.  That aside, Series 5 introduced what seemed to be a great two season long arc.

Now we’re at the doorstep of Series 7 and nothing has been resolved.  Let’s take a look:

  • Why do the Silents want to make their own TARDIS and who made the TARDIS in “The Lodger?”
  • Who is Madame Kovarian?
  • Who stole Amy’s memories for the finale of Series 5?
  • It was never really explained how the timelines between River and the Doctor ended up going in different directions.
  • What is up with the Series 6 ending talk about “ on the plains of Trenzalore, at the fall of the 11th?”  It doesn’t seem to come into play with the Ponds leaving, and I am tired of Moffat just throwing stuff out there and never coming back to it, so why put this in there?  I say it has nothing to do with the Ponds since the information and episode titles of the first five episodes of Series 7 really don’t indicate anything will relate to it.

I’m sure I’m probably missing some things, but even that is far too much to leave us hanging with when only five episodes will have the Ponds this Series.  Honestly, I’m glad they’re leaving, as Moffat has turned the show into the Amy and Rory show with the Doctor just kind of being there.  It’s like he doesn’t want Matt Smith to be the star for some reason.

He’s also doing that thing RTD did that I hated, and it’s bringing back enemies far too often.  RTD overused the Daleks to such an extent that he had those horrible human Daleks.  Moffat is relying far too much on the Weeping Angels.  Yes, they were cool for “Blink,” but after another two-parter in Series 5 and now having them come back for Series 7, they’re getting old.

The whole thing about this Series being the blockbuster episodes is kind of annoying.  I don’t need an amped up episode every week.  Sometimes I like a slower paced episode where the Doctor can talk on and on and have it make sense without having people run around all the time.  That made episodes such as the classic two-parter introducing River, “Midnight,” and a lot of Classic-Who so good.  Yes, there is running, but character interaction is needed as well, and I hope that doesn’t get lost in this new amped up series.

So what are we left with?  A writer that doesn’t seem to know how to finish arcs and instead seems to be hoping people forget about them.  This is aggravating because I can’t help but think we’ll be getting a disappointing ending along the lines of Battlestar Galactica disappointing.  I think the best thing for the show is for the Ponds to leave and to have a fresh start.  Just leave all the arcs leading nowhere in the past and start new with Jenna Louise-Coleman.  From what everyone is saying it seems like she and Smith will be able to offer fun bickering back and forth.  That’s what I want, a companion who is a friend and doesn’t take over the show like the Ponds have.  Plus, Smith has a new outfit, which leads me to thinking this may be a new turn for the show since the Moffat era.  I’d like to say I’m excited for the new series, but it’s just not there like it was for last series.  Moffat has basically burned me out by basically not solving anything, and he seems to be on his high horse.  I’ve watched what he did with Sherlock and it’s great, I just don’t know what he’s trying to accomplish with Doctor Who.

Move over Ponds, a new companion’s in town