SPOILER ALERT: There are indeed spoilers, unlike River, I tell them to you

Kicking off the start of Series 7 of Doctor Who, “Asylum of the Daleks” was very impressive.  First off, Daleks have had a lot of changes since the show came back in 2005.  First there was one, then there was an army, then they fought Cybermen, followed by a horrid half-human-half-Dalek waste of a two-parter, then whatever the Series 4 finale turned into, followed by Power Ranger Daleks, and now landing on something far more true to Daleks.  I appreciated the quick reference to Skaro (homeworld of the Daleks) and the Daleks felt far more serious in this episode.  Sure, the beginning was a bit flimsy, but I suppose it was as good a way as any to get the Doctor, Amy, and Rory down to the “Asylum Planet” (I don’t know if it’s really called that, but it sounds good).  The planet is briefly shown, which is fine, there are nanogenes all over the planet that turn all life forms (living or dead) into Daleks, and after the “Daleks in Manhattan” nonsense, the human Daleks are much better now.  Worth noting, the Ponds are going through a divorce, but don’t worry, it’s fixed in the end due to a surprisingly touching but out of place scene that reminds us of the evil that happened at Demon’s Run (though, I doubt Moffat will ever fully explain Madame Kovarian, so it probably doesn’t matter).  I find out of place scenes happen a lot with the Ponds, as they never do that much to contribute to the story in these moments and take away precious screen time that the Doctor can be doing cool stuff in.  What kind of cool stuff?

Just 4 More Episodes Until Jenna-Louise Coleman is the Full-Time Companion!

I’ll tell you.  See, the Doctor, thanks to the power of Steven Moffat to somehow keep the most important things a secret (probably by releasing enough no so important information) has done the best and worst thing for the current Series: introducing Jenna-Louise Coleman as Oswin, the Doctor’s companion as of this year’s Christmas episode, and by the way, she’s a Dalek, and as of right now she’s blown up, as a Dalek.  It’s great because she was brilliant, seriously brilliant as a companion.  I really cannot wait for the Ponds and their drawn out drama to finally be over (come on, this isn’t Battlestar Galactica).  They weren’t lying when they said she can talk just as fast as Matt Smith as the Doctor, and the best part, she wasn’t trying to either have sex with the Doctor or wanting to date and/or marry him.  She’s fun.  Donna was also not wanting to get with the Doctor, and that’s what made her (and pretty much every Classic-Who companion) so much better than most of New-Who’s companions.

However, this is also bad.  Bad because I really don’t care about the episodes with the Ponds.  Granted, if they’re as good as this one then yes, I’m interested, but what made this one so good was the lack of the Ponds and the focus on Oswin (I’ll have to get used to that name).  Sure, we could watch Rory die a few more times but is that really what we need?  No,  it isn’t.  I honestly believe Coleman has a very good chance of being the best companion of New-Who, I just hope Moffat doesn’t go overboard with any timeline stuff (as it never really was explained how the Doctor and River ended up traveling through time in opposite directions or the other giant plot holes from the last two Series, but I’ll leave that for anyone who cares to read the last Doctor Who post).  More importantly, here quick dialogue leads to some pretty funny lines.  I can see her making some witty, sarcastic remarks, as she has shown she has no problem making fun of how people look and I’d only assume how they act as well.

This leads to another point, did the Daleks even have to be there?  I suppose since Oswin was a Dalek, but other than that, it could have been any enemy.  Again, it’s difficult to determine how a Dalek episode should be, as they really aren’t that interesting and weren’t in Classic-Who all that much.  Sure, it really never mattered that every Dalek in all of Doctor Who was in the episode, but the concept of broken Daleks surprisingly worked.  It’s good to see Moffat is basically abandoning the whole mess about the Time War killing all the Daleks, but I’d prefer if we’d see some Timelords come back, and at the very least bring Romana back from E-Space (oh my, there goes the Classic-Who side of me again, I’ll just slip that away).

So, was it a good episode.  Yes indeed, very good in fact, and that’s coming from someone who would be fine with the Daleks being gone until Series 10 roles on through.  I don’t remember being this excited for a new companion, and it’s a great feeling knowing when the Ponds leave (and hopefully River leaves with them) an even better companion will take their place.  Moffat has managed to keep me on the edge of my seat with the surprise ending, and I just can’t help but think if he actually finished an arc how great of a writer he’d be (from the looks of it I don’t see the last Series issues being resolved), but even with his faults he’s probably writing the best sci-fi on TV.  The final verdict of the episode probably shouldn’t be like this, but I can’t help it, I’ve been won over, and for that, the episode gets a fantastic: 9/10

More importantly, what did you all think of the episode, Coleman, or anything else you’d like to point out from it?