Last week we had the somewhat dark but very exciting “Asylum of the Daleks.”  This week we have the not so complex but still fun ride with “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.”  A very quick aside, it seems like Doctor Who will get a new design font for every episode, with last week sporting Dalek balls (always funny) and this week dinosaur/lizard skin.  The blockbuster feel continues this week with more of a family friendly atmosphere.  It’s a shame really, as the episode has potential to be serious but it just turns out being a bit of a mess.  Bringing Queen Nefertiti and big game hunter Riddell together worked, but it shouldn’t have.  That’s not a shot at the episode, I liked it, they had a fun chemistry together.  Still, should an ancient Egyptian queen have a British accent?  Probably not. 

I have to take a moment to say how great Mark Williams is as Rory’s dad, Brian Williams.  Everyone probably knows him at least by his role in Harry Potter as Ron’s dad, so really it’s not surprise he’s great at playing a similar role as Rory’s dad.  Surprisingly, he seems more into being in space than Rory did in the beginning, but then he didn’t die five or so times traveling in time and space.  Williams (Mark that is, Brian if you prefer) brings a human element to the episode that is lost with the other characters and has almost been lost for most of recent Who.  By this I mean he isn’t scared of being in space and he isn’t in love with the Doctor.  In a way he’s like Wilfred, as all they both want is to see space.  That’s it, nothing more, neither accuse the Doctor of being evil or ruining people’s lives, they just want to do what the Doctor kind of wants to do: see the universe with some friends.  I like that, it’s like Classic Who, and I hope Jenna Louise-Coleman plays a more Classic Who role, like Donna did.

Back to the episode, the dinosaurs were kind of cool.  Granted, a Velociraptor would probably be a bit more lethal, especially when it’s a whole pack of them coming after two people and I don’t think a Triceratops is nothing more than a dog wanting to play fetch (though, it was kind of sad when it died, well not as sad as a dog dying, but it was still depressing-ish).  On the plus side, it did lend well to the comedic elements scattered throughout the episode and well played by every actor.

This isn’t an episode that’s going to win any awards, but they don’t all have to.  Smith had a bunch of funny moments, and while I do want him to be more serious it at least fit with the mood this week.  I’m hoping next week gets back to a more serious tone, after all the Ponds only have three episodes left, so something major has to start going into motion to lead up to their fall (I know, Moffat said he doesn’t want big arcs this series, but he already put one in place week one by having the Doctor tell Amy to make the Daleks remember her and Oswin telling the Doctor and us to remember her, why do we need to remember so much and when will we get to the Plains of Trenzalore?).

I’m good getting this episode out of the way this early if the rest of the season gets back on track to being a bit more serious.