SPOILER ALERT – Possible Spoilers Below

I regret waiting so long to write a review for this episode, as “The Power of Three” is an episode that I thought wouldn’t work.  See, I’m tired of the Ponds and am ready for them to go, but somehow this episode made them likable again.  I think it’s because they weren’t annoying for once.  Rather, the character interactions felt real.  Amy wasn’t flirting with the Doctor all the time and Rory was kind of useful for once (and his dad remains to be awesome).  So, I’m going to try something different, but rather than paragraphs I’ll list what I liked and didn’t like, here we go…


  • Amy and Rory weren’t annoying
  • Rory’s dad remains to be great
  • Had a Classic-Who feel by having the Doctor stay on Earth
  • The cubes created a good amount of suspense
  • The Doctor playing Wii was great
  • The Doctor and Amy being friends was nice (the scene at night when the Doctor needed to get some air)
  • Most importantly, UNIT was brought back to how it should be, not the nonsense RTD turned it into


  • The main villain.  Come on, another humans are evil so we have to kill them plot?  Kind of dumb if you ask me.
  • The Doctor’s speech to the main villain.  More of the whole humans being precious to him thing, it’s enough already.
  • The ending being overall rushed, which I feared would be a problem with not having any two part episodes.
  • That’s about it for dislikes, but it may end up being a problem if there are more important episodes later on that end up being rushed.

I ended up watching the episode again, and the dialogue was still great.  Sure, the little girl in the hospital sitting there for a year and nobody noticing her was poorly done, but again, that’s the problem when every episode has to be wrapped up in forty or so minutes.

Other than that I still really enjoyed “The Power of Three,” and I cannot think of any reason not to watch it, especially if you’re a Classic Who fan looking to recapture some of the essence of those episodes (and UNIT is back to where it should be).