Odd question (or Ood question?) sure, but it’s a valid one.  After all, if they look at each other they turn to stone.  Sure, there’s the whole thing about what captures the image of an Angel becomes an Angel, but that doesn’t make much sense.  For, if an Angel looks at a statue, the statue would have to look into the Angel eye-to-eye (as Amy did).  The problem is, statues can’t move around like Amy could.  So then, there would be a statue that I suppose would be an Angel, but it would be looking at an Angel so they would be frozen as statues.

Again I raise the question, how do Angels reproduce?  Do they do it with their eyes closed?  Have they found a way to do it back to back?  I just have no idea, and I don’t even care that much, it just seems like something that is lacking from the trolls on the internet, and since the mid-series finale ended with the Angels it seems like something that would be going around (especially with the Angel babies).

This is right up there with who did the Silents get to make their suits?  Really, that’s a lot of suits.

Back to the Angels, I would like to know what you all think, as I really am at a loss with this one.  I’m sure Moffat won’t be going into this anytime soon, which is fine, as after seeing the nonsense Weeping Angel Statue of Liberty I have seen enough Angels for a very long time.  This is really a question he should be asked at a panel, I would love to hear a response.  We know how they feed, but they have to be created to feed, so ya know, how to they reproduce?