Now that we’ve reached the mid-series finale I can’t help but think of Brian Williams.  After all, the Doctor told him Amy and Rory would be safe.  Well, as we all know by now things did not go according to plan, but shouldn’t Brian know that?

Yes, he should, and the BBC acknowledges this, and as they should since he is the second best parent figure in New-Who (the first being Wilfred).  So, now we have a scene titled “P.S.”  Really, I say scene but it’s a storyboard.  However, Arthur Darvill performs the voice over for his part, making it less noticeable it is storyboards being shown.  I suspect this is due to Darvill having a much more emotional voice over than Karen Gillan (while not bad, she seemed more optimistic [which fit the scene] while Darvill is substantially more moving).

Just like in “Blink,” this scene has Rory sending a letter to his father explaining what happened.  To me it seems like he will be writing a collection of letters following his life in past New York City with Amy.  The best part about this is the letter is delivered by Brian’s grandson, who in the scene is older than he is (Amy and Rory adopted a son, as you will recall Amy cannot have kids).

It really is a great scene and a shame it was never filmed.  I guess that’s one of the problems when trying to fit so much into such a short amount of time (two part episodes need to come back, two weeks in a row now that episodes had to be rushed and lack proper closure, especially the nonsense ending of “The Power of Three”).

Here’s the scene for your viewing pleasure: