I have not written a football entry since the Super Bowl last year, but enough is enough.  Being at the Eagles’ game this past weekend I can’t help but feel we’ve been here before.  I’ll refrain from putting all the blame on Vick this time, but he’s definitely not off the hook.  First, it’s clear the defense needs to do something to get better, and at this point, I don’t know what (maybe get Juan Castillo back, or not).  There’s no passion on that side of the ball.  I realize there isn’t a ton of talent their either (don’t try to say Jason Babin is good, he’s been next to useless this season), just look at Nnamdi Asomugha.  Even so, it’s like none of them really care, or rather they’re hired guns who now have their paychecks.  Yes, we have players who seem like they care (I’d site Nate Allen as an example) but they just can’t seem to mesh.  Granted, it doesn’t help with the wide nine continually being ineffective against the run and apparently against the screen.  More worrying right now is our offense.

Take a quick look and it’s not hard to notice the issues with our offensive line, after all, people are glad King Dunlap is back.  Though, is it all the fault of the line?  For run plays yes, they deserve a good amount of blame when it goes wrong, as a good line is needed to make a hole, and without a hole there is nowhere to go.  I’m going to address Vick now.  Ever since his first start in Philadelphia all I’ve hear is how he’s an elite quarterback.  It never made sense, as the Eagles beat, or rather dominated him and the Falcons during the Championship Game.  Now that he’s older he can’t run, or at least everyone else can catch up with him.  He may be able to zip the ball in there, but all too often there’s the fear of an interception, and the other day against the Falcons he nearly had a pick six.  But what’s troubling is how unorganized he and the offense look.

Stick With Vick?

I’m not a football analyst/expert nor do I pretend to be, but I do call it as I see it (had to get a sports cliche in there).  I don’t know if the disorganization is everyone’s fault or if Vick doesn’t know what audibles to call when or if receivers can’t run routes, but something is seriously off.  It also appeared the Eagles’ coaching staff (Reid and Mornhinweg mainly) did not trust Vick to throw the deep ball.  Yes, it was raining, but that didn’t happen until the second half.  I can’t account for how windy it was on the field, but I was very surprised to see barely any (if any really) shots down field in the first half.  Of course, they barely had the ball in the first quarter (without looking it up, I believe they had it for around 1:40 the entire first quarter).  He sometimes had a decent control of the short throws, but as a whole, he really seemed flat.  And as previously mentioned, he almost threw a pick six and continues to have balls batted down (maybe this happens to other QBs a lot, but it seems to happen very often with Vick).

I believe him when he says he’s trying his best, but maybe that’s just it, maybe he isn’t that good.  I never was on the Vick bandwagon, as he never did anything (other than the one Washington game) to impress me.  Now with both his and Reid’s job on the line, what will Reid and the Eagles organization do?  McNabb was benched before and the team got fired up.  When McNabb was hurt and Garcia came in we saw an offense instantly come to life.  Is there an issue of leadership?  Would the team rally around a new QB in Nick Foles?  More importantly, could Reid say he’s starting new and work something out with management to keep him on another year?  After all, like him or not, Reid is a very good quarterback coach (just look at what Kolb is doing now compared to how good he looked in Philly), and Foles has already shown promise.  Look at all the other rookie QBs, it’s time for a change in Philly.

This week the Eagles are going against the Saints on Monday night prime time.  If Foles starts and looks good on prime time then Reid will have the support of Philly again, as people are fed up with Vick (come on, we booed the commercial at The Linc because Vick was in it).  At this point there’s not much to lose by putting in Foles, and it’s not like the Saints have an intimidating defense.  If there’s ever been a good time to put Foles in this season it’s this week.