I have not posted in a while, but one must understand I just finished spring break, and no I did not go wild and crazy.  Instead, I played through the new Tomb Raider and Spec Ops: The Line.  Both of these games will be reviewed throughout the week, with Tomb Raider coming first.  Along with that I’d like to give a quick happy birthday to the Vita, which came out roughly a year ago (I’m a bit late, but oh well).  I have a Vita and think it’s pretty awesome, and I’ll probably get into that later in the week.  Playstation Plus has also been great this month with Vita game sales and some pretty cool free games.  Of course, Bioshock: Infinite is next week, but I’ll be waiting a few days after that until I get it since I had to order the Premium Edition, as Best Buy was out of preorders (don’t even get me started on that nonsense) and Gamestop was closed at the time, so I was fed up and ordered it.  God of War: Ascension came out last week, I have yet to play it but I want to talk about it, so let’s go.

Right then, there is or was a trophy in the latest God of War called “Bros Before Hos.”  I say was because apparently the title is offensive.  A few things to point out here, is that I’d be impressed if someone has not heard that saying before (just watch pretty much any college party type movie from a few years ago, you’ll likely hear it) and two, God of War has a far more offensive part to it that is in all the games, can anyone guess it?  That’s right, the sex minigame in every episode and the countless amounts of unexplainable topless women throughout the series.  I think it is a lot easier to construct an argument that Kratos (the main character for those who don’t know) is able to go to areas in the game where women are laying down as nothing more than sex objects waiting for the player to hit something along the lines of triangle, triangle, circle, square, rotate right joystick to the left now the right, and finish it off with a strike of the X button.

Then again, I suppose it is easier to release a little patch to change the title of the trophy to “Bros Before Foes” than actually do something about the actual depiction of women in the games (heck, Kratos at one time had a wife and child, I guess now that they’re gone he has no problem getting it on with every woman he comes by).  For those who are wondering, the trophy is acquired when the player kills a female enemy called Fury, but don’t worry, you still kill her in the game, why take the actual offensive part out (yes, she’s probably a monster of some sort, but for this to raise as an issue she likely somewhat resembles a human female)?

So it begs the question, who was offended by the trophy before the game even came out?  Probably not many people, but it is some easy PR to show the developers care and all that jazz.

Ah well, here’s a cool little video of Bioshock: Infinite, there’s a humming bird around the 1:30 mark, blew my mind, the detail in this game is stunning:

On a different note, right on SimCity, because singleplayer games are always better when plagued by connection problems, EA rocks!