Continuing to ignore the fact that every episode this part of series 7 would greatly benefit from being a two parter, The Crimson Horror is a surprisingly enjoyable episode.  I say surprising because I’m not exactly a fan of the Vastra, Jenny, Strax team (mainly Strax, as the character is kind of annoying and makes very little sense, but I guess I’ll have to deal with it).


Part of a brilliantly done flashback montage

See, this episode almost seems like it will be a Doctor-less one, such as we’ve had in the past, notably with the classic episode Blink.  However, the Doctor and Clara do come back into the picture as the story goes on, but before then, Jenny takes center stage.  She’s actually a fun character to follow, though I’m still a bit confused about a particular scene (I don’t think this at all a spoiler) when she basically turns into a ninja and gets some sort of weird, fast motion camera work as she beats up some bad dudes, as I don’t get how she has harnessed the power of the ninja.

The story isn’t particularly amazing, but the setting and atmosphere is noticeably dark and to an extent, disturbing.  I wish there was more time for the heavier themes of human equality, inequality, and perfection to be explored, as the episode has potential to break into long standing social issues, and this may lead to future episodes tackling relevant issues.

I usually come away from a Clara episode thinking how awesome she is and loving her witty comments.  Sadly, there weren’t many of them this week, nor was there much talking from her.  At least what little she said was important to progress the story, and her part in the ending scene finally helps a little to go into her story arc.  Speaking of her arc, are they expecting to explain and wrap it all up in the finale, because I don’t want this to be a 45 minute arc and that’s it.  Also, why doesn’t this Clara make soufflés?  At what point does she start making soufflés?

I digress, back to The Crimson Horror.  I definitely would tell fans to watch it, though it’s not a good one to get people started on, as the ultimate reveal isn’t amazing.  Here the episode relies on the strong acting from the cast, which doesn’t disappoint, and there is a nice lack of goofiness by the Doctor.  I say nice because the show had an issue for making him too goofy, but it seems they do plan to fulfill the promises of a more serious Doctor.  Plus, it makes his witty comments more enjoyable, especially during more serious moments when he breaks out some sarcasm.

Next week we get Nightmare in Silver, and I don’t care that it is written by Neil Gaiman, I have my doubts (a. Cybermen aren’t overly exciting and more importantly, b. the trailer confirms there will be kids in it, and as we know from nearly every movie with kids, they’ll try their hardest to ruin it).  Still, here’s the trailer and I will be catching up with reviews on previous episodes from this season, that is after watching The Crimson Horror again.