Nightmare in Silver perfectly sums up what the episode is: a nightmare.  For those who read my review of last week’s episode, you will know I paid little attention to the fact that Neil Gaiman penned the story of Nightmare in Silver.  I was not very fond of the time he wasted killing off Rory in The Doctor’s Wife, and now it is clear he is very good at wasting time and apparently wasting a full episode worth of time.  This review is coming late, as I wanted time to cool off after watching the episode, but it has left me with the same feeling as just finishing the episode.

Look Doctor, Rose isn't the only one who can be an action hero!

Look Doctor, Rose isn’t the only one who can be an action hero!

First off, I’d like to get it out of the way, the kids.  If I wanted to watch people complain about cell phone reception and being bored I’d sooner go over to a computer lab at my college and listen to people complain, at least then I can quietly laugh to myself as I find the one area of the room that has reception.  It’s like these kids couldn’t care less that, I don’t know, they just traveled through space (and likely time) to a distant planet.  I guess it is hard to please children these days.  Of course they get caught and then saved, same old nonsense.  On this topic, I dare anyone reading this to name me an instance in which a movie/show has brought in a kid and they were actually not annoying to no end.

Now, let’s have a look at the Cybermen.  I do like that they’re not this big clunky things we’ve had for so long now.  However, I absolutely hate how they now just have to say upgrade and they’re no longer dead.  It feels like lazy writing just to make them scary, and it turned out to be more annoying than anything.  Seriously, how are they able to upgrade their metal body, which in no way is a computer program that can be patched as they were doing with everything else.  Everything they ended up doing felt awkward and forced just to prove a point that they’re back and they’re going to be scary.

On the plus side, Matt Smith was good as the Doctor, but we have kind of come to expect that at this point, even with the very average writing we’ve had for the majority of series seven.  Though, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the good vs. evil Doctor, but then again, I’m a bit spoiled right now with Tatiana Maslany in Orphan Black and her ability to be not only multiple characters but also be a character impersonating another character that she plays.  But there’s really not much to say against Smith’s acting here, so good job!

Not as much can be said for Jenna-Louise Coleman, or rather for Clara.  Coleman was good despite her character being written differently for every episode just to fit the specific conflict in the episode (much like the often unrealistic writing in Battlestar Galactica).  It was only a few episodes ago that Clara was freaking out over dead bodies in Cold War, yet now she is leading a group of soldiers to go off to war against the Cybermen.  People are falling around her yet she doesn’t seem to take notice or care at all.  For the past two episodes now, Clara has been kind of pushed to the side, coming in only when the writers want her to progress the plot.  This makes her story arc less interesting with every passing week, as we don’t get to see her simply talk with the Doctor and build a relation with him.  Granted, this is also due to cramming big ideas into tiny, forty-five minute episodes, resulting in a lot of things being rushed.  However, next week’s looks to have a much better tone despite the unending aggravation of Strax coming back (seriously, what is the point of him?  It’s like Moffat made it a point to ruin what little interesting bits of the Sontarans existed).

I thought there would only be two episodes I’d definitely never watch again from series seven (Dinosaurs on a Spaceship and The Power of Three) but it seems I can add a third to that list.  By trying to bring back Classic-Who villains (that were never used this often in Classic-Who) they waste an episode trying to reinvent something that has run its course.  Here’s to hoping next week’s is better (as I do like Clara and there have been some episodes with her as the full-time companion that I really do like a lot), even with a title as plain as The Name of the Doctor, which has a very cool prequel clip and trailer, which will be provided below: