Catching up on reviews here, I’ll be going backwards from here to the start of this part of series 7 as if I have not seen the episodes after them.  Cool, so we get to see a bit more of the TARDIS in Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS (Journey for short).  You’re going to hear this a lot from me, but this would have been a cool two parter if for no other reason than to further elaborate on the side characters.  While not overly original, they create a nice human dynamic and if given time could have avoided some rushed dialogue and sometimes one dimensional writing to become a memorable story to themselves.  Despite this, Journey is a pretty good episode.

Ominous stares all about this place

Ominous stares all about this place

The bulk of the episode, or at least the exciting parts, are based around Clara.  She goes all about the TARDIS to various rooms and suspiciously similar miles of corridors.  There’s a nice nod to the often mentioned swimming pool, though I would have liked a glimpse of the kitchen due to the nature of Clara’s character.  Still, we also get some throwback moments to the Classic-Who era to continue the nostalgia factor all about this series.  Most importantly, the TARDIS library gets a visit from Clara, where she finds out some things about the Doctor and his involvement with The Time War that likely no other eyes seen.  To tell the truth, this episode really could have been an awesome two parter due to the extensive nature of the TARDIS.

I quite liked the main threat throughout, from the TARDIS itself (herself?) to the more physical threat chasing our time travelers throughout the ship.  Actually, without giving anything away, the “monsters” chasing them are very dark and somewhat disturbing.  Don’t worry, you’ll see for yourself to judge.

There is one really good scene with the Doctor and Clara where the Doctor confronts her about who she is.  In natural Moffat fashion, nothing is solved, but watching the two characters interact is always fun.  Following this is a kind of rushed ending, but you know, I know, the structure of this series just isn’t very kind to story and character development.

Honestly, I don’t want to give too much away, as this is an episode definitely worth watching.  You get the Doctor being serious and then not and then serious again, but this time it all feels right whereas sometimes it feels forced.  A relatively solid support cast helps add their own dimension to the story, even if it is rushed.  Clara, well, I have not been keeping up on the reviews, but Clara is pretty great.

Basically, if you have yet to watch this episode, please do.  It isn’t the most amazing one ever, but it is still very good.