This will be a two part series of posts.  The first will be a run down of the show since Moffat took over (and will go series by series) and the second will be more focused on specific issues.

I’ll be the first one to say it, I was very glad when Moffat took over as head writer of Doctor Who.  After all, he brought us some of the most loved episodes of the reboot, and based on that alone I figured his run would be awesome.  I was right too, for a while.  Series 5 remains my favorite since the show came back in 2005, even if there are glaring issues with the finale (i.e. how did the Doctor originally get out of the Pandorica before using the sonic screwdriver [aka magic wand/cop out for many new episodes] to get himself out or who blew up the TARDIS, ok, that’s a big one, so Moffat, do explain at some time).  As a whole, the episodes were fun but serious.  There was a nice arc throughout (even if it ended up making not so much sense) and Amy carried on some of the attitude of Donna (probably the best companion since the reboot).  Even Rory, annoying as he could have been at times, wasn’t overbearing (at that point his countless deaths may have meant something, but they never did).  What I liked the most was the lack of bad episodes (ignoring those rainbow Daleks).  It all felt like a grand adventure with something new every week.  Very few episodes felt like true filler and even the filler episodes had some tie in with the larger arc.  Basically, it was all great fun, had companions being companions while the Doctor was still the face of the show, and continues to be fun to this day.confused doctor

And then  there was series 6.  True, it started off with a strong two parter.  But in what was shaping up to be typical Moffat fashion, most of it was completely useless in relation to the main arc.  Sure, we get on to some drawn out pirates, Rory almost being killed off, TARDIS becomes a Helena Bonham Carter knock off, Rory almost dies again, and then we get to see the Doctor talk to none other than himself or rather a copy of himself.  All of this (minus the pirates and Rory) was mainly good times.  Sure, The Doctor’s Wife wasted a lot of time nearly killing Rory and running through the TARDIS, but the Doctor was still who we all wanted to watch.  But then things get rather awful.  See, Madame Kovarian is useless (seriously, what is the point of her if the Silence can get people to do whatever they want?), the Silence is some sort of religious order (sure, let’s go with that, doesn’t make much sense but so be it), and the show becomes the Amy/Rory/River show featuring the Doctor.

Series 6 part 2 (or whatever you like to call it) made the awful move to get rid of two part episodes.  What does this do?  It rushes the daylights out of everything, leaving a giant mess of things.  To tell the truth, this didn’t matter much until series 7, but that matters little when only half of series 6 part 2 was worth watching (Let’s Kill Hitler, The Girl Who Waited, and The Wedding of River Song).  Notice something with those episodes?  Yeah, you’re right, they feature the Doctor in a supporting role.  True, they’re not awful episodes, but this is a show called Doctor Who, not River Who.  That is really the best way to describe series 6.  It starts off promising and really leaves you hanging… to go to series 7!

Right on, so series 7.  What in the name of all things created is series 7 part 1?  Hi, I’m the Doctor and if you fancy watching complete rubbish for the next forty minutes you can see me ride a dinosaur for on particular reason or any logical explanation.  Or better yet, watch me wave my magic wand, I mean sonic screwdriver, around and blow up a ton of innocent people on spaceships in The Power of Three, it’s tough doing much else in a rushed episode.  Better yet, I forgot how to ride a train, so I am faced with never being allowed to see Amy and Rory ever again.  At least I had a good time not being killed in a Dalek asylum planet and it was fun being the wild west.

Those are the only two episodes that are really good in this part of series 7.  True, the angels aren’t that bad, until you see a giant Statue of Liberty making little sense and being there just to chill out.  Then the best scene is never filmed and only shown as a storyboard being read by Rory, which is him reading a letter to his dad after he has been sent back in time forever.

Chalk it up, is this the 10th Rory death?

Chalk it up, is this the 10th Rory death?

Cool cool, no big deal.  New start with Clara in part 2 of series 7.  Really good Christmas episode, so right there is some promise.  The Bell’s of Saint John is a very good episode, as it has a good balance between the Doctor and Clara while still dealing with a threat.  Then they go off to some planetary system and Clara’s given her first trip to space (never a real shining moment for any of the new companions) and the Doctor gives a nice speech so alright.  Cold War allows Clara to develop a bit more at the sight of death, allowing her to further develop her emotions from the previous week.  Then a pretty cool horror story (even if the ending is kind of goofy).  Actually, Hide should be a two parter (as should all of these episodes) as I really liked the side characters relationship as much as I liked the chemistry between the Doctor and Clara.  Awesome, two very good episodes and two good ones, we’re on a roll.  Off to explore the TARDIS now and continue the trend.  Pretty cool episode I must say.  The ins and outs and intricacies of the TARDIS plus a great scene between the Doctor and Clara make this a definite rewatch episode.

Seriously, what is happening anymore?

Seriously, what is happening anymore?

We all know it can’t all be fun and games, and so we are presented with the most annoying character ever again, Strax.  I truly hate this character, partly because he is annoying and partly because it defeats the purpose of the Sontarans.  Also, Jenny’s now a ninja apparently.  Clara maybe gets five lines of dialogue and the Doctor is still entertaining.  See, no main character interaction becomes an issue.  Then we’re off to visit the Cybermen and they still are boring.  Except now they can upgrade 24/7, basically allowing the episode to potentially drag out until the dusty end of time.  They’re not scary, just annoying, and now Clara has a giant gun.  Seriously, only a few episodes ago she was cringing at the sight of a dead body and now she’s off to lead a group of soldiers, talk about lazy, inconsistent writing (maybe they were inspired by Battlestar Galactica).  Did I mention, there are kids in it, so right there is a red flag.  Because who other than kids would moan about no cell phone reception in space.  Seriously, you’re in space, at least acknowledge it!

To think, it was kind of getting back on track up to this point.  However, read on to the next part, for as you’ve seen, I don’t hate all things Moffat, just he’s been letting me down quite a bit lately, and I’m hoping he does service to at least the 5oth anniversary and hopefully this week’s episode.