Yes, as we all know by now, Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who.  He will not be here for season 8 but he will be here for the 50th anniversary and the Christmas special, so we likely get around three hours more of him as the Doctor.  I liked Smith since his first episode and season 5 is my favorite of the new series.  For all of season 5 he brought new life to the show by being lighthearted yet serious when needed.  As his first major acting role it was just great.  If you follow my blog you’ll know I cannot say many positive things about seasons 6 and 7, but you will notice I never fault Smith.  Rather, the writing at that point simply became awful, with unanswered threads and characters that ruined the tone of the show not to mention getting rid of two part stories.

Smith then was destined to go through an awful and mediocre season of writing.  It is a shame really, as when he was allowed to not be a complete idiot and actually had serious – well, not even serious, just normal interaction –

I wonder, will the new Doctor be a tie or bow tie man, if either?

I wonder, will the new Doctor be a tie or bow tie man, if either?

dialogue with characters he excelled.  But for some reason Moffat had no idea how he wanted Smith’s Doctor to be or how the tone of the show should be so in season 7 the show jumped the shark and had the Doctor riding a dinosaur.

Clara was a glimmer of hope, but that glimmer started to fade as the writers had little interest in making her character consistent or building a relationship between her and the Doctor.  Hopefully they can start to fix that as her arc is now over and hopefully Moffat will just abandon his plethora of unresolved threads to start over with a new Doctor.

Of course I hope Matt Smith ends up having a good career in acting or directing, as it seems he’s interested in.  As with all things Doctor Who there is always time for change, however when change involves having Moffat in charge of it again, well, things may not go so well.  But who knows, the show has gone through some rough patches in the past and managed to bounce back, so maybe someone can calm down Moffat (much like it seems was done when he wrote some great episodes during the RTD era) and we’ll get a season that makes sense (Moffat likes to confuse complicated with not making sense, so how about simple and making sense just to show he knows how to write Doctor Who).

As for a new Doctor, I’m hoping for someone a bit older than Matt Smith.  Sadly, Benedict Cumberbatch is Sherlock and doing other acting jobs.  Since Moffat took some Doctor Who lines and put them in Sherlock there is evidence that Cumberbatch would be a very good Doctor.  Now, going off that, it would be nice to have a Doctor along the lines of Sherlock.  By that I mean someone serious yet caring.  This is much like Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor.  He may have been burdened by the past but his interaction with Rose allowed him to care again and loosen up.

I’m not worried about who the next Doctor is that much, as he’ll have Clara to play off of, so that will add some familiarity for the audience and the new Doctor won’t be fully left on his own.  What I am worried about is Moffat, and I can’t help but wonder if he’s the one who should be leaving.

But for now I say one step at a time.  Bring me the 50th.  Who knows, maybe they run into the 12th Doctor in the 50th (after all, the 10th has never seen the 11th but yet they’ll meet so why not have them both meet the 12th).  Then I’ll be looking forward to whoever plays the next Doctor (if I could pitch a story idea, have season 8 bring the Doctor to E-Space to get Romana back).