This seems to be a huge topic right now.  I don’t know why but it is.  I have grown tired of this nonsense and am going to let you all know it is not sexist.  Note, I will be staying current so 2005 to now.

Alright then, let’s go from now to 2005 because I don’t recall hearing these claims back then.  So we have Clara.  I’ll admit she is not the most developed character, but then, are any of the characters in series 7 developed?  She saves the universe, but I suppose that isn’t enough for some people.  Sure, she saves the Doctor in the process, but instead of being all crazy about it, let’s look it it this way: she saved the universe.  The Doctor just happened to be connected to the universe.  It’s not like any of the other characters (useless Strax/Vastra/Jenny) were going to do anything so Clara took action and allowed everyone to live another day (or I suppose live at all for some).  I think that about sums up how awesome she is.

"Excuse me, you're alive because of me!" - what I imagine Clara would say

“Excuse me, you’re alive because of me!” – what I imagine Clara would say

On to Amy and Rory.  All of series 6 was the Amy and Rory show.  The Doctor pretty much was there just to get them from point A to point B and so on.  Interestingly, Rory has never been a strong character but I suppose because he is male it is fine to ignore his weakness.  Now, Amy just wants to have a good, normal life.  Despite what she says it’s clear she just wants to be with Rory.  I don’t think this is a bad thing.  After all, why wouldn’t she want to be with her husband?  Time to take a look at the cool things Amy has done: fight pirate (while the Doctor and Rory were captured), take down Madame Kovarian, and be part of a potential peace treaty between humans and Silurians, which consisted of both human representatives being female, to name a few.  Yeah, she may do things for the Doctor but in the context of the beginning of series 5, the Doctor was her childhood friend come true.  She was kind of still in shock that he really existed and came back for her.  But soon enough she came back to reality, had the Doctor as a friend, and Rory as a husband (actually, Rory answered to her quite a lot).

I’ll admit, River Song was kind of written into a hole.  But I attribute this more to Moffat’s lack of knowing how to finish a thread than anything else.  Her first outing had her cool and mysterious.  She was a mystery to the Doctor.  As we know she died at the end of that two-parter, but again, it was to save (download?) a lot of people.  She was sad of course because she loved the Doctor.  I’d hardly think she’d just sit there and go “see ya later yo.”  Every time after that she was sure to be all action hero and shooting aliens.  Really cool stuff.  Never did I think she was weak.  Heck, she went to go kill Hitler!

Donna.  Actually, not much more needs to be said.  She was simply along for the ride.  No love story or anything of the sort, just two friends journeying through the cosmos.  Good stuff indeed.

Martha, well was kind of weak.  I’ll admit it got old watching her look all depressed because the Doctor wasn’t all into her.  However, she did some good things as well.  First off, she made sure nothing happened to the Doctor when he was human.  Second, she saved the Earth!  Yeah, the Doctor told her to slip away and go down to Earth, but it doesn’t matter.  I don’t think Adric or Mickey could do that.  Plus, has anyone watched her in Torchwood?  She became a very strong character and I would have loved it if she stayed on.

Then Rose.  Rose allowed the Doctor to be sane again.  Prior to finding Rose, the Doctor was trying to get over the Time War.  It was not until he met her that he began to open up again.  During her entire time as a companion she was stronger than Mickey, a male.  Let us not forget how she saved the Doctor after he became trapped.  She was the stronger one.  Then she goes on to help save Earth again when she could simply go away.  Then when she came back in series 4 she ended up having a complete character makeover and had a giant gun (well this was a bad decision, as it took away any impact from series 2 and made her an action hero).

Time for a throwback: Romana.  She may be the strongest female in the history of the show.  Often, she was smarter than the Doctor and the Doctor would try to take her sonic screwdriver because it was better.  She’d cleverly escape Daleks and all sorts of alien foes.  Most importantly, she was a Time Lady, and this is most important because my next post will explain why the Doctor shouldn’t change sex.

Through the brief explanations of each female companion from 2005 to now I think it is clear there is not a sexist agenda going on.  If the characters never showed any emotion we would all complain how bland they are.  If Amy never cared about Rory we’d say it is the worst marriage ever.  It seems some people will never be satisfied unless a show fits each person’s specific needs.

Side note, if anyone wants a show with awesome female characters please watch Orphan Black (truth be told I’m just trying to promote this show any way I can, it’s just too good).