Then shouldn’t she have known him in Asylum of the Daleks?  After all, she knows who he is in all her flashback scenes during the finale, so why not during their “first” meeting?  The Doctor even tells her his name.  Naturally at

I really feel like I've seen this guy, I don't know, ten times before?

I really feel like I’ve seen this guy, I don’t know, ten times before?

this point he doesn’t know her, but she knows him.  Actually, the more I think about it the more this also applies to the Christmas special.  This is kind of like how Moffat never explained how the Doctor’s and River’s timelines go in opposite directions other than apparently they’re just very clumsy, which wouldn’t make much sense since apparently River is a master at flying the TARDIS.

Speaking of continuity, Clara eliminates the part in The Doctor’s Wife when the TARDIS tells the Doctor she chose him.  That’s all well and good, that is if Clara didn’t clearly tell the first Doctor to choose a different TARDIS than the one he was originally going to take.  I could understand if The Doctor’s Wife was from the Classic-Who era and many fans now either wouldn’t know about it or wouldn’t mind, but when it’s literally a lack of simple continuity between series 6 and 7 I’m forced to wonder if the writers watch or follow their show.

All’s not doom and gloom (I’ve already done that in past posts about how Moffat refuses to finish an arc and simply ignores them) as I found this brilliant video giving tribute to Matt Smith’s time as the Doctor (will be posting it below).  After all the lack of closure I keep being reminded of how good Moffat is at writing his characters (even if they all do turn into the impossible girl who is the center of everything) and how they interact.  There have also been some pretty great speeches for Matt Smith to work with.  This makes me wish Moffat would step down from doing season arcs, get someone to help him with that, but continue to write the characters.  It’s like he gets all caught up in telling everyone how brilliant he is that he starts to believe himself and doesn’t check that his writing makes sense or has any sort of closure.  Oh well, that likely won’t be changing soon nor will my above questions be answered, but at least there’s this video to show how good Matt Smith was when he was allowed to be serious (which was far to rarely).  Also, are British people ever happy?  First Downton Abbey last Christmas and now Matt Smith leaving this Christmas, where’s the cheer?