I was roaming around the internet today (will be posting links to the articles at the end) and came across some pretty awful  (and good news, jump to last paragraph) news for series 8 of Doctor Who: Strax, Vastra, and Jenny are returning.  Anyone who has read my past posts will realize my disdain towards these characters, mainly Strax.  Moffat goes on and on about how much of a fanboy he is and how he loves to honor the show’s history but then he goes and turns a race cloned for war into a bumbling fool that helps people.  This is literally never explained, he just randomly shows up in A Good Man Goes to War.

The bigger issue is his character indicates they don’t know what kind of show Doctor Who is.  In the RTD era the show relied on both drama and comedy along with likable characters to bring in viewers of all ages.  Sure, some episodes weren’t great, but for the most part episodes could be enjoyed by all.  However, with the Moffat era it’s like the show will one week go from sci-fi to irritating kids show.  It’s pretty clear Strax and the gang were meant to have spin-off series since there currently is a gap after The Sarah Jane Adventures.  The problem is, when Sarah was in Doctor Who she was likable by everyone because she was a genuinely nice character, there weren’t any gimmicks to make her appeal to kids and adults, she was a well written and well acted character that was pretty much impossible to not like.

Now with Strax, Jenny, and Vastra there’s little in terms of character development or purpose other than to fill the gaps where the writers aren’t quite sure what to do.  They are pretty one dimensional characters in an otherwise multidimensional character heavy Moffat era (I may have issue with the unanswered story arcs but I do like the characters he writes).

It is disappointing knowing the 12th Doctor won’t really be able to become his own until these characters are out of the way.  A new Doctor is kind of like a blank slate, anything is possible, and I know in the past some characters have carried over to help ease in the new Doctor, I just wish we would have less irritating characters return, but at least we get Clara, who is a joy to watch.

Good News:

While this remains really cool looking I do hope it becomes really explained

While this remains really cool looking I do hope it becomes really explained

Now we also have some potentially happy news for the end of Matt Smith’s time as the Doctor.  Word from Moffat is he will be clearing up who blew up the TARDIS and why the Silence were so keen on killing the Doctor.  This likely won’t solve everything such as why they had to do anything with River Song and putting her in an astronaut suit in a lake rather than simply shooting him and avoiding all the hassle, but it could potentially make series 5 so much more awesome than it already is (maybe even showing how the Doctor originally gets out of the Pandorica).  I actually am looking forward to this, apparently it’ll all happen during the Christmas episode, which seems to be more of an episode that just so happens to be taking place on Christmas than an actual Christmas episode.  I do hope Moffat finally is telling the truth about something, because there is much needed closure, and even if he’s writing this because enough people have complained or he intended to finish it all in series 8 if Matt Smith returned I don’t care, I just want him to follow through with it and if he manages to do so then I’ll have to rethink my opinion on the Moffat era.


Bad news link (there are some good things in here too, just this stuck out so much to me)

Good news link